How to Make Tofu That Even Hardcore Meat Lovers Would Crave

“Mum’s tauhu goreng is the epitome of deliciousness and her tauhu! Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.”

~  A Day at Mummy’s Table: Recipes & Reminiscences


Keeping fit and healthy is really hard when your life is fat-paced. Try this amazing tauhu goreng or fried tofu recipe that is simple, quick and easy to make. Eat healthy doesn’t need to be difficult. Less is more!



  • Tofu (Tauhu)
  • Bean sprouts (Tauge)
  • Cucumbers (Timun)

Ingredients for Sauce

  • Palm sugar (Gula merah)
  • Birds eye chillies (Cili padi)
  • Garlic (Bawang Puteh)
  • Sweet Soy Sauce (Kicap manis)
  • Vinegar (Cuka)
  • Peanuts – fried and pounded fine (Kacang)


  1. First make the sauce by mixing all ingredients.
  2. Deep fry tofu.
  3. Put bean sprouts through hot water.
  4. Slice cucumbers (julienne style).
  5. Assemble the deep fried tofu and place bean sprouts on top with slices of cucumber.
  6. Pour mixed sauce over tofu (best when tofu is still hot)

*To be served with boiled eggs, koochai




Salwah Abdul Shukor

Salwah was raised with love, good food and lively conversations at her Mother's Table in a Malay-Indonesian-Eurasian-Portugese household constantly hosting guests eager to sample her mother's cooking and her grandmother's recipes. Before she started legal practice, her food adventure was a cake delivery start-up with a good friend which survived with only 2 product lines, moist chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake and a core value that the business must be a Butter-Only zone. She remains an avid baker and tries her best to continue her mother's table legacy.  She believes Malaysians are blessed with the best palate and her passion for good food is infectious, often inspiring everyone at Butterkicap to try as many food experiences as possible.

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