Baby Milo Dino: Decadent, Delicious and Kaw!

Milo Dino
Say hello to junior – the Baby Milo Dino

Milo is probably one of Malaysia’s most favourite drinks, so much so that most of grew up thinking Milo is Malaysian! It’s not – Milo was, in fact, invented in Australia in 1934. That’s right mate, this drink we all grew up loving is just 16 years shy of its 100th birthday. But while Milo may not be Malaysian per se, the Milo Dino certainly is.

If you frequent your local Mamak or Kopitiam’s, you’re bound to see this amazing gargantuan creation being carried skilfully from kitchen to table. Served in an extra-large plastic mug almost as big as a jug, the Milo Dino is beauty is piled high with ice and a mountain of heaped Milo on top. We love our Milo so much that this inventive drink took Malaysia by storm, popping up throughout the country in varying styles in the few short years since its invention. And while we don’t know who created it exactly, we thank you for your inventiveness!

Our take on the Milo Dino takes it down to the very basics with one simple focus – that malty chocolatey goodness we grew up stealing straight from the can. There’s no add on sugar, condensed milk or ice in our recipe, because there really isn’t a need to. It’s also half or maybe even a quarter the size of your standard Milo Dinosaur, making it a less daunting drink to take on any time of the day – you don’t have to worry about not finishing it or the ice diluting the mixture before you can drink it up. Instead, what you’ll end up with a Milo Dino that is simple, stylish and nostalgic, worthy of serving at parties to all your foodie guests.



  • 4-5 tbsp Milo powder
  • 250ml cold milk



  1. Add 2 tbsp Milo to a short glass.

  1. Pour in milk.

  1. Carefully heap another 2 to 3 tbsp Milo on top.

  1. Serve your Milo Dino on a saucer with a teaspoon on the side so your guests won’t make a mess.

Extra tips

  1. Don’t use Milo 3-in-1 or premixed Milo powder for this recipe.
  2. Use cold milk. Hot milk will just dilute the powder and won’t leave you with as many malty chocolate clumps to chew on.
  3. Drink it stirred or not stirred, it’s entirely up to you! But be careful when you stir, especially if your Milo is overflowing. That powder will go everywhere.
  4. If you like your milk slightly more diluted, add a bit of ice before pouring your milk.
  5. We have not tried this with soy, nut or other milk substitutes. If you do, let us know how it tastes!
  6. Party tip! Use transparent glasses for your Baby Milo Dino so you can see the pretty layers of milk and Milo.

Note: Milo powder is formulated differently in different countries. We may be biased but Malaysian Milo is the absolute best, and any Malaysian who’s lived abroad and had to resort to foreign Milo will definitely agree. We’re not sure if this Baby Milo Dino recipe will be as good made with non-Malaysian Milo, but there’s definitely no harm in trying.

How did you enjoy your Baby Milo Dino? It’s good, right? We’d love to see how your dino turned out, so show us your pictures by hashtagging us with #butterkicap!


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