SugarLou’s Rich Chocolate Ganache: So Easy to Make


SugarLou’s Rich Chocolate ganache is so easy to make! It’s versatile enough to be made into a filling, glaze or just a smooth chocolatey spread. Here is my favorite way of making it, it won’t take much time, I promise!


  • 1 cup good dark chocolate chips (I personally use Callebaut or Ghirardelli chocolate chips)
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 tablespoon golden syrup

All you’ll need for an ultra-amazing secret ingredient to making a good chocolate cake.

“Rich, dark and intensely chocolatey ganache that is so delicious, you may just eat it on its own!”


  1. Heat the cream over the stove until it simmers then turn off the heat. DO NOT let the cream reach a boiling point.
  2. Place your chocolate chips in a medium sized bowl and pour the hot cream over the chocolates. Stir until the chocolate dissolves and becomes glossy.
  3. Add in the golden syrup and continue to stir until just combined.
  4. Voila! Your delicious decadent ganache is ready.
  5. Serve by the bowl or pour over cake if you must. I like to make it into Basic Moist Chocolate Cake.
Check out my recipe for a basic moist chocolate cake on Butterkicap!

Go on and try it, you know you want to. If you like beautiful cakes, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to hashtag #butterkicap if you make this.

Yasmin Hasan

Guest Baker

Being a former news anchor, student of architecture and self-professed beauty addict, Yasmin Hasan prefers her cakes sky high and pretty as a picture. She first fell in love with cakes due to pregnancy cravings and has never recovered. From baking for her family to now having her own home cake business called SugarLou, named after her daughter who started it all; every cake she creates is made from scratch, with only the best ingredients and always a healthy serving of love.

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