Moreh Haunts for Late Night Cravings (Fast Eats Edition)

Moreh anyone?

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Ramadan is already here and Malaysian Muslims are now fulfilling their religious obligations by restricting themselves from all bad thoughts, food, drink and anything that might make them unintentionally (or intentionally) break their fast earlier than scheduled. Instead, they are taking this holy month as an opportunity to focus their whole energy on the spiritual journey of absolving themselves from sins and obtain as much blessings as they can.

That being said, however, it does not stop them and in fact, all Malaysians of other faiths from enjoying the cultural aspects of Ramadan, as in the festivities, the spirit of this month – and of course, the food!

We are surely all well versed by now with the multitude of Buka Puasa options around KL, so at Butterkicap, we are going to give you a chance to satisfy your late night cravings with a list of great street food and ultra casual eats around Klang Valley that will make your moreh/supper experience all the more tasty. Check this out when you want something different from your usual Mamak fix.

So, let’s get listing, shall we?


Moreh Spot #1- Nasi Lemak Yatie @ Medan Selera 223

Credit: J’s Diary

Nasi lemak is the all-time favourite comfort food of Malaysians, even during Ramadan. Since you cannot eat it for breakfast, why not for supper or the wee hours of the morning! What makes Nasi Lemak so delectable many would argue, is the sambal. Now everyone has their own opinion of the best nasi lemak and it is often based on whether they prefer a sambal that’s more sweet or more spicy. At Nasi Lemak Yatie, you get to have it your way! Here you can choose a packet of RM1.50 nasi lemak with a choice of spicy (red-packet) or sweet (blue-packet) sambal and add more lauk if you wish, from the trays of dishes placed neatly on a table in front of the stall. So go grab a packet or three from Nasi Lemak Yatie @ Medan Selera 223 Petaling Jaya tonight or any other night you wish.

Operating Hours: 5PM – 4AM


Moreh Spot #2 – Satay Zaini (dan gerai sewaktu dengannya) @ Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama

Credit: Zaini Satay

When you think of crowd pleasers for food in KL, you will inevitably think of satay. While many of our neighbouring countries also boast of their own satay – essentially pieces of marinated meat skewered with bamboo sticks and cooked under a flaming fire, we dare say Malaysia’s version is the best. Smoky, slightly sweet, juicy meat dipped in a rich, spicy peanut sauce that makes you hunger for more. It takes skill and experience to make the best satay and you can have it for supper in Ampang! Satay Zaini has been around since the 80’s and has never failed to deliver quality. You can also give them a call and place your orders for berbuka the next day.

If you’re still hungry after your satay, you may want to check out what else is right near the 7-11. This food haunt which has been called naan corner, boom Inn, taman TAR stalls etc all on Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, is a stretch of stalls that are an institution for the neighborhood. Om Burger can provide you with a good ole nowhere-but-in-Malaysia type of burger fix, from the banjo to the special. They have clear fans but also many who say ‘it’s not as good as it used to be’ so you may not want to go out of your way to get it but it’s worth a try if you’re already in the vicinity. Worth trying as well is the Roti boom and naan on that stretch if you’re in need for some comforting carbs.

Operating Hours: 6PM – 11.30 PM


Moreh Spot #3 – Steak Hut @ Suzi’s Corner, Ampang

Credit: drops of contentment

Sometimes, you need something else that hits the spot after having nasi and lauk for your first evening meal. So for supper it’s Western food and a good place to get affordable, generous portions of the Malaysian version is the Steak Hut at Suzi’s Corner, another Ampang eating institution. Try the sizzling steak or mixed grill, especially if you’re in the mood for meat and don’t have more than RM50 in your pocket.

Operating Hours: 10AM – 11PM


Moreh Spot #4 – Julin Xuan Fish Head Curry @ Damansara Uptown Hawker Center

Credit: Mulan after work

When you’re a Malaysian a curry craving can happen at any time, even in the middle of the night. Make your way to Damansara Uptown and get your curry fix there! Julin Xuan Fish Head Curry is always packed with customers since the quality of its signature fish head curry has pretty much stayed the same since its establishment in 1999. With just RM 19.00, you get a dish that can comfortably feed 3 people.

Operating Hours: 5PM – 1AM 


Moreh Spot #5 – The H at Hartamas

Credit: Imgrum

The H has both fans and detractors but you have to appreciate its variety. When you’re having supper in a group especially, you might need a one stop-center to get all kinds of food, be it local or Western. Most customers of the H at Hartamas go there to get their fix of Chinese style dishes and it works for everyone since the food prepared there is halal. Drinks and food aplenty, no complaints from people who’ve been fasting all day long.

Operating Hours: 5PM – 3AM


Moreh Spot #6 – Ras Balouch @ Jalan Ipoh

Credit: twitter via ezzthedon

The faint of heart may not want to venture here but for the brave, some outstanding dishes await in this Pakistani food outlet. Go straight for the mutton and have some dhal to accompany. There are a variety of breads to mop everything up and even vegetarian options to choose from. They may not be known for ambience and won’t be winning any cleanliness trophies but everything is authentic and served hot. You can always take away and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours


Moreh Spot #7 – Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar @ Wangsa Maju

No KL supper list would be complete without an entry for burgers worth traveling across town for. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar makes our list for restaurant quality patties in spite of a street side ambience. You can customize your own burger and opt to get not one, not two, but THREE patties in your burger. All cooked over a flame grill vs. the flat griddles commonly used for those Ramli type burgers. Juicy, smoky and oh so fulfilling.

Operating Hours: 6PM – 2AM


Moreh Spot #8 – McDonald’s (Everywhere)


What in the world… Sorry if you’re wondering why Butterkicap, promoter of traditional Malaysian food, has got the most ubiquitous American fast food chain on our list. Well we are Malaysian and we do love the occasional fast food treat – who doesn’t like French fries? – and we especially love it when other people decide to make their own version of a local classic. Yes, the awesome McDonald’s apple pie has a Malaysian buddy. This year, there will come an evening when all you need before bed, is to head over to the nearest McDonald’s (drive through woohoo) and get a Karipap Pie, which even has those gorgeous pastry swirls of a Karipap Pusing, and finish off with a chocolate sundae. Enough said.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours (for selected outlets only)

Check out Butterkicap’s restaurant edition of Moreh options for more late night makan.


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