Restaurants to Satisfy Your Moreh and Late Night Cravings

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Restaurants for moreh? We have the list here!

Who says you will not be hungry after buka puasa? In Malaysia, there is no such thing as “no more room for food”. We are always up for a late night meal, especially in Ramadan post Terawih prayers. So, what do you usually crave for supper? Comfort food, of course!

In our previous article, the Moreh Haunts to Satisfy Ramadan Late Night Cravings (Stalls and fast eats edition), we listed delicious foods from various roadside stalls and food courts all over Kuala Lumpur as well as Klang Valley. This time, we are going to share with you some of the best moreh spots to go to this year dedicated to those in need of a proper restaurant feel or more than just a good gerai experience.


Moreh Spot #1 – Agak-Agak @ APW


Unique and satisfying eats await inside of the no-nonsense exterior of Agak-Agak. Basira Eusuff and Ili Sulaiman have put their spin on some of Malaysia’s fine comfort food recipes such as Chilli Pate Mee, Kacang Pol and Wan Tan Mee, to name a few. Even the drinks are memorable and don’t forget those luscious sweets like the pulut hitam cheese tart. All these and more make Agak-Agak, a great go to for a smashing midnight feast!

Operating Hours (for Moreh): 10PM – 2AM


Moreh Spot #2 – DipnDip @ Bangsar


For the chocolate fans out there, look no further. After hours of not eating even a single Smarties, moreh is the time for you to get your fat pants out and eat as much chocolate as you desire. DipnDip, Bangsar gives you pretty much every chocolate experience that you want. With the choice of dark, milk and white chocolate, for slathering, pouring and of course dipping, you can enjoy it with crepes, pancakes, waffles and more. What the heck – choose all three!

Operating Hours: Open until 1AM (except on Sundays)


Moreh Spot #3 – Thaba Family Restaurant @ Ampang


As Malaysians, sometimes, rice for one meal is not enough. You need more. If you’ve had enough Malay lauk, but got to have rice then Thaba Family Restaurant should be the place to go to for moreh. With their delicious selection of briyani, there is nothing that you would want to eat after that except their freshly made breads. With the affordable price, big portions and wholesome flavours, this humble establishment nevertheless serves magnificent Pakistani fare.

Operating Hours: 6PM – 1AM


Moreh Spot #4 – Ali Baba’s Kebab @ Ampang

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If you find Thaba Family Restaurant to your taste, Ali Baba’s Kebab is another moreh spot that you should try. Just by the name, you know you have to go for their kebab – it’s up on the sign for a reason. Juicy, tender, aromatic, perfect savoury bites of meat. Frequented by expats from the Middle East, you know the authenticity of the grilled goodies, dips and that fragrant fluffy rice is something you can count on.

Operating Hours: 12PM – 3AM


Moreh Spot #5 – Huckleberry @ Bukit Damansara

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There is no other kind of comfort food that people crave more than deep-fried anything! Huckleberry serves that and more. This popular breakfast and coffee spot that bakes their own breads, pastries and sweets, also offers a good after dark spread. From onion rings to fish and chips, there is nothing like a good, batter-coated dish to end the night. The extensive Western menu (listing more than fried goodies) ensures you will not leave unsatisfied.

Operating Hours: 7.30 AM – 12 AM


Moreh Spot #6 – Don’s Warong @ Plaza Damas


While Warong is it’s name, anyone familiar with this institution will tell you it’s more than a bunch of stalls. Don’s Warong offers a selection of all-time local favourites such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani and Sup Tulang for you to enjoy at the restaurant itself or at home (yes, they offer delivery service!) Consistent and comforting, there’s a reason why it has remained a makan destination for so long. Plus let’s face it, most of the time we want Malaysian fare and the variety offered here has something for everyone.

Operating Hours: 12PM – 12AM


Moreh spot #7 – Thursdvys @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

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Except on Thursdays, you can head to Thursdvys up to 11pm daily to get both good food and coffee. Described as having ‘the perfect chill-out late night vibe’, their mac and cheese appears on every other post about this joint. Their sandwiches are a decent bet too. Brunch at night anyone?

Operating Hours: 4PM – 12AM


Moreh spot #8 – Podium by Daun


Where #bikeporn meets #foodporn and a quick search will show how it’s already making its mark for moreh. The substantive menu offers both local and western so you can have both nasi and pasta. Fans will say don’t leave without having the Nasi Golok.

Operating Hours: 10AM – 12AM


Moreh spot #9 – The Port Damansara @ Bandar Utama

Credit: Instagram via bawal power

When you’re looking for a lively spot for supper, known for an upbeat vibe as much as the food, head over to The Port. The makan options in this self described ‘restaurant’ are eclectic as they get – from Mexican to Bawal Power, and Papasta to pisang goreng cheese, it’s as ‘lit’ as a food joint can be. There are fresh juices served in cool mason jars but fret not, unpretentious classics like Roti bakar and nasi lemak are available too.

Operating Hours: 7AM – 2AM

Moreh Spot #10 – Restoran Muar @ Tengkat Tong Shin

Credit: food + road trip

It’s the simplest things which are often the best things. And to end this list we bring you just that. An outlet known for its nyonya style food, from stir fried greens to salted egg chicken. For something sweet it’s got a good cendol for only RM1. Getting back to the simple – this place is particularly well known for its telur goreng. Eggs fried to perfection with crispy edges, and just the right amount of lashings of kicap. You want one right now don’t you?

Operating Hours: 6PM – 11PM


So, there you go, dear readers, another 10 spots that serve food to satisfy your post-prayer hunger pangs. We still have another two weeks for you to try them all before the moreh experience comes to an end. If you have any other suggestions, do comment below and let us know!


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