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It is undeniable that the holy month of Ramadan is one of the most anticipated months for Malaysians. This is when Ramadan bazaars crop up out of nowhere in each township, offering many mouth-watering and delicious delicacies. From beef rendang to karipap, all you could want is spread out on the table and arranged seductively for our eyes to feast on and devour.

After breaking fast, Muslims are required to perform taraweeh prayers after which we are usually back on the streets searching for food. This post-taraweeh feast is called Moreh. Moreh is defined as a feast held in mosques or suraus after taraweeh prayers by an individual or a group of kind souls in the community who wish to donate money or energy in the month of Ramadan. In some places, the menu served during moreh is similar to what is also served at home for breakfast. The food will be brought to the mosque or surau to be shared with other mosque or surau-goers.


Moreh, Shall We?

Food served during moreh is usually light but there are those who prefer to eat something more heavy and filling. Here is a little list containing some of the best moreh delicacies that we love.


1. Curry Puff

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Curry puff or karipap in Malay, either stuffed with chicken or potatoes, is indeed a great moreh snack. This scrumptious and crispy snack is a hearty favourite that is always brought for mosque or surau-goers to enjoy over conversation ranging from current issues to what was on the table for dinner.


2. Bubur Lambuk


Bubur Lambuk is one of the popular dishes served during the month of Ramadan as it is only prepared exclusively during this holy month. Bubur Lambuk is an easy healthy meal to make; which is good for those who do not want to pig out so much at night.

Because of its creamy texture and being chock full of flavour, Bubur Lambuk is in high-demand among Malaysians during the holy month. It is made with congee containing a mixture of seven types of spices in addition to pandan leaves, parsley and green onions. Fried onions are added to give fragrance and that extra flavourful punch.

Even though Bubur Lambuk is usually distributed to the congregation as a meal to break fast, Bubur Lambuk may also often be served during moreh. Its soft texture is a great balm to any who are experiencing indigestion. Don’t believe me, wait until the morning then.


3. Banana Fritters

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If you have a taste for food that is more tantalising to the taste buds, Banana fritters (Pisang Goreng) is definitely a great snack for moreh. Banana fritters can be eaten as it is or with a variety of special sauces. The crunchy bite of every fried banana definitely makes it one of the greatest snacks ever.

If you’re fasting the next day, it is best to drink a lot of water after eating banana fritters as it will be a bit too oily for some. Hence, water is needed to avoid dehydration.


4. Dates

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Dates or kurma is a great late night moreh snack. Apart from being easy to get a hold of (you just have to buy a packet of it during your trip to the bazaar and distribute it to the mosque’s congregation), it is also a fulfilling snack that will leave you full till sahur. Want to know the best dates to eat according to your own personal taste, get the Butterkicap guide on dates here!


5. Teh Tarik


A list of our late night moreh snacks would not be complete without Malaysia’s go-to drink, which is the creamy and milky teh tarik. Teh tarik goes practically well with everything; from a simple date all the way to bubur lambuk.

This warm comforting drink is definitely a great way to end each day of Ramadan. A cup of teh tarik will leave you feeling settled and help you to sleep like a log until morning. Don’t worry if you oversleep and only have five minutes to eat, check out our 5-minute sahur recipes here!


So there you go folks, our list of late night moreh snacks for you to consider the next time you want something to munch on after your teraweeh prayers. The only rule of moreh that you must adhere to is that you perform your teraweeh prayers first! (Just joking….or not?)


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