11 Surprisingly Cheap Lunch Set Options in KL

It’s popular assumption that eating in a city like KL would be costly, and most restaurants would be on the higher-priced end. But fret not! Even if you’re strapped for cash, you are still able to have a good meal in one of Malaysia’s most beautiful cities.

Besides the usual mamaks and kopitiams scattered around streets, you can find places that offer a cheap lunch set if you prefer an air-conditioned atmosphere rather than the sweltering heat of the afternoon crowd.

These restaurants usually range from middle to upper-class, and they offer affordable lunch set meals in hopes of attracting those who are on lunch break. These sets usually include a main dish, a drink and either a side dish or dessert, which is good enough for a substantial meal.

Here are some cheap lunch set options for those of you who are looking to spend a little less on food, and more on your travels!


1. KLCC Signatures Food Court (Less than RM10)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: Pinterest.com

One of the best food courts in the city, large varieties of food are available to suit your every taste! It also has a fantastic view of the park and fountains, and you can also gaze upon the city and beyond. They offer many food stalls, but a favourite is the Ipoh Noodles stall where you can order a bowl of noodles for less than RM10.


2. Passion Road (Less than RM15)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: Facebook.com/PassionRoadKL

At Passion Road, a standard set comes with a main course, dessert and bottomless drink for less than RM15! There also have a premium set available, and a monthly special to offer. The menu changes weekly, however the regular menu includes notable Malaysian dishes like ayam masak merah and beef hor fun soup. For premium sets, there are dishes like Hainanese chicken chop with mashed potatoes.

Visit their Facebook page for their weekly updates!


3. Isetan Food Market (From RM10 to RM12)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: isetankl.com.my

On a budget on both money and time? No worries! Isetan has many counters selling fresh Japanese food, such as sushi, sashimi, donburi and more. They also have pasta and salads that you can help yourself to, priced accordingly to their weight. A solid 100g of pasta costs around RM10-12, and come with many different varieties such as bolognese, aglio olio and more.


4. Ah Cheng Laksa (Approximately RM11.50)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: greedycats.blogspot.my

Locals would go to Avenue K, KLCC’s quaint neighbor with more affordable food options. A favorite would be Ah Cheng Laksa’s, a popular franchise stemming from family recipes from 50 years back. They serve their piping hot signature Asam Laksa Fish, priced at RM11.50 with a drink.


5. Pancake House International (From RM11.90 to RM14.90) 

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: achikhuda.blogspot.my

Though some might think pancakes are more towards a breakfast meal, fret not, for Pancake House serves more than just that! Their weekday lunch set runs from 10am to 3pm, making it very easy and accessible. Main sets with spaghetti and garlic bread range from RM11.90 to RM14.90, along with a glass of iced tea. For dessert, you can choose to have mini pancakes for a sweet finish!


6. CoffeeSociete (From RM10)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: afiqhalid.com

Couldn’t catch your coffee break in the morning? Get your coffee fix here! CoffeeSociete offers lunch set options from RM10 that come with one main course and a cup of coffee. The best part is that you have choices like an espresso or an iced cappuccino, with no extra charges if you wish to change your drink. Definitely an interesting little spot in the midst of Publika’s more higher-end restaurants.


7. Lew Seh Kang Economy Mixed Rice (From RM8 to RM10)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: froggybitsoflife.blogspot.my

Despite Wisma Central’s dingy appearance, they have one of the best food options available there, ranging from Indian to Malay food. But most famously, the Chinese mixed rice stall is best known for their wide array of food – there are at least 30 types of meat and vegetable choices. There’s curry chicken, steamed pork, fried chicken and much more! The typical menu choice would be one meat option with two vegetable options, and it will be priced around RM8-10 with free soup and Chinese tea.


8. Dodo Korea (Less than RM20)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: tanggadomino.blogspot.my

Want more options for your rice meal? Dodo Korea has a set meal that comes with beef bulgogi, kimchi chicken, tempura, potato salad, fruit and soup – for less than RM20! Satisfy your Korean cravings even in Kuala Lumpur at an affordable price.


9. Drift Dining and Bar (From RM19)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: kuala-lumpur.ws

A bar on the slightly higher-end side, however if you’re willing to fork out a little extra, you are guaranteed to enjoy a good lunch! They offer pastas and bottomless drinks for over RM19, including specials like Baby Pork Ribs, fresh salads, truffle fries and more. If you’re looking for a lazy afternoon filled with food, this is the place for you.


10. Little Penang Kafe (From RM15)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: tinytiles.blogspot.my

If you have heard all about Penang’s legendary food but have no time to plan a trip there, this is the stop for you! For a taste of authentic Penang food, you can try out their Assam laksa, nyonya kuih and more. They have splendid char kuey teow for RM15, that comes with tea. Another special would be their cendol, loaded with authentic gula Melaka and topped with generous red bean paste.


11. Boxes Cafe (From RM12.90)

Cheap lunch set KL
Credit: amanda-goo.blogspot.my

A little way out, however this cute cafe has lunch set options available from RM12.90! They come with a main dish and a free drink, with the choice between homemade lemonade or coffee. Boxes Cafe has rice sets, nine types of pastas, burgers and more – truly an entertaining menu that will catch your interest!



We hope that this list is useful to not only those who are on vacation, but also those who frequent the area often and are constantly searching for new cheap lunch set options!

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