5 Things Senor Singh KL Has in Common with a Mexican Cantina

When you see the word ‘cantina’, we bet most of you are thinking of the famous cantina scene in Star Wars: A New Hope and if you are thinking about recreating that scene with a little more drama and passion, Senor Singh KL is the perfect ‘cantina’ alternative for you! For those of you who aren’t sure of what a cantina is, we will break it down to you in just three words; warung-like ambiance. It is a place designed for people to get together, relax and enjoy delicious decadent food, guilt-free. Sadly, due to the current situation, we are unable to visit the shop physically but fret not, be it in the shop or at home, Senor Singh KL does not disappoint!

Feisty India, Mexican Fiesta

By looking at its name, there is no surprise of what Senor Singh KL has to offer. Indian cuisine with a Mexican twist, Senor Singh KL, as mentioned on their Facebook page, ‘is the place where two of the world’s boldest culinary palates meet’, a statement that we can’t agree more with. However, before we go into the details about the food and flavour, there is one thing that you should know; Senor Singh KL is not your typical, run-off-the-mill fusion cuisine cafe. We don’t blame you because that was our initial thought as well. Interestingly, Senor Singh KL presents Indian food in the most convenient way possible and nothing says ‘convenience’ more than the way Mexican people enjoy their food.

‘So, what’s so Malaysian about them?’, you may ask? Well, Malaysians love Indian food. On average, we eat Indian food 3 to 4 times a week. From ‘sapad’ to briyani, to butter chicken to capati, Indian spices practically runs through our veins instead of blood. THAT is how often we enjoy eating Indian food. Best of all, you don’t have to choose what dish you want to eat because you can have it all in just one bite!

If you still can’t see the similarities between Indian and Mexican cuisine, we’ll give you not just one, but five reasons instead. After that, it’s all up to you.

1. Fiery Flavours

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What is the one common thing that you can identify in a telenovela and an Indian serial? It’s not the plot twists, not the dramatic panning of cameras but the spices used. Both Mexican and Indian food are rich in spices and chilies, building up the heat as you eat it. If you are not a person who has a high spice tolerance, don’t go packing the emergency milk carton in your bag just yet. Senor Singh KL balances out their flavours very well that your senses tingle just enough without you having to sit through a meal in your own pool of sweat.

2. Capatis = Tortillas

What is the difference between capatis and tortillas? The answer is the type of flour used. Does that affect the taste and feel of the two breads? To a certain degree but not too much like when you eat a croissant and a crepe. Do these two breads have the same function? Yes, especially when use as a wrap or to soak up some delicious gravy. With these answers in mind, Senor Singh KL has came up with one of the most authentic Indian-style quesadillas that we actually fell in love with at the first bite. Oozing with cheese and packed with sliced of green chilies, onions, coriander and garam masala. We strongly believe that all the Dadis and Pattis out there will approve this simple dish. Recommended way to eat it? When it’s raining cats and dogs and you are snuggling under your warm blanket and watching Simran living her life in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Oh, don’t forget to heat the quesadilla up for some dramatic cheese-pulling action.

3. Rice is Life

There is one thing that you don’t take away from an Indian and a Mexican; their rice. Yes, although these two cultures are in different continents, their love for rice is as strong. Senor Singh KL does not offer a specific briyani dish but they do add the briyani element in their special burrito which we will mention below. The classic Mexican burrito is usually made using cilantro or lime rice. But, Senor Singh KL takes it one level higher by replacing the sourish, mild rice with one, generous scoop of briyani rice. Our comment? Please create one exclusive briyani dish because the flavours in the briyani were just divine. Just as Goldilocks will say it, ‘it was just right’. Not overpowering, yet still has the desired kick. The rice was fragrant, fluffy and oddly enough, reminded each of us of the briyani we usually get only when we are back at home. When the briyani you get in a restaurant is as good as the one you get when you visit your grandma or mother, there is no briyani more authentic than that.

4. Tapas, Anyone?

Tapas is very much Mexican as it is Indian. Although Indians don’t actually have a specific name or time dedicated to, well, snacking, they do snack alot, especially when they are chilling with their ‘veere’s or homies while taking a swig of their Patiala Peg and just talking about, well, anything. Similarly, we, Malaysians too love to snack and at Senor Singh KL, their choice of tapas, while limited, is enough to make you keep on popping them into your mouth. The star tapas dish is the popcorn chicken tikka. It is basically a modern take on the classic chicken tikka masala where the chicken is cut into bite-sized cubes, coated with bread and fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The chicken tikka sauce is turned into a dipping sauce. It is a little too sweet for the spice lovers among us but all in all, it is very addictive. We recommend you to order some raita. The combination of the sweet tikka sauce and the subtle sourness of the raita is simply out of this world!

5. Bringing the ‘Burrah’ in Burrito

Finally, the one that we are most excited to talk about is the Senor Singh KL’s burrito. Made to look like a burrito but consists of all your favourite Indian dishes, Senor Singh KL’s burrito is an indecisive person’s dream food. No more thinking of what to choose. No more taking ages just to order one meal. You can have all your favourite dishes in one burrito. Comes in two flavours, chicken tikka and rogan josh, the burrito is fat and massive. So, if you are a messy eater, wear a bib or get a plate because it’s gonna get messier after each bite. Packed with generous amount of briyani and meat, this burrito really outshines even the best Mexican burrito you can find outside. However, we do have one teeny, tiny complaint; the way the rice and the meat is arranged can be improved. When you eat a burrito, you want to taste everything in one bite. Unfortunately, the portions of each component in that one bite was a little off. But, rest assured, the flavours of each component were on point and complements one another. For spice lovers, we recommend you to try the more spicy mutton rogan josh and for a milder option, try the chicken tikka one.

Let Senor Singh KL take you to Delhi and Tijuana!

Senor Singh KL offers a simple menu selection but they deliver top-notch North Indian flavours in the most festive way you can ever imagine. So what if you cannot travel to Delhi or Tijuana. Senor Singh KL is there to take your tastebuds across continents in just one meal! If you want to check out more about Senor Singh KL and what they have to offer, visit their Instagram page or why stall? Order their food now and have your own review session. In this current times, we highly advise you to order in. So, stay safe and order your choice of dish here.

Till then, dance the Jarabe Tapatio to the groovy music of Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tun while enjoying the best of the best that Senor Singh has to offer.

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