From Skateboarding to Baking Pop Culture Pastries with Kotak

Raja Ahmad Nabil wasn’t born with a dream to pursue the F&B industry. His joie-de-vivre began when he was recuperating from a skateboarding injury and discovered pour-over coffee on his Instagram feed. The rest is history.


We first met each other at the Agak Agak+ Initiative graduation ceremony which also featured a showcase for the graduates. He whipped up a creative presentation of The Simpsons and Breaking Bad-themed pastries.

Think iconic rainbow sprinkled donuts from The Simpsons and cupcakes sprinkled with crystal blue sugar inspired by The Breaking Bad. Nabil created pastries that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but are also creative in flavor combinations.


Before Kotak


Before his transition to the world of artisanal coffee and pastries, Raja Ahmad Nabil has always dreamt of being a professional skateboarder but life has other plans for him. After his academic fall out when he was 13, he began his very first venture as an entrepreneur – a Ramly burger stall.

His humble beginnings exposed him to the food industry. He began working part-time at a restaurant and taking baking lessons to learn how to make his own burger buns. When asked why he chose to pursue the restaurant business, Nabil said:

[In this industry], learning is a never-ending process

His plans to go to culinary school had led him to Agak-Agak+ initiative where the concept of Kotak came about. It is also in AA+ initiative that Nabil obtained most of his inspiration.

Under the mentorship of Chef Basyira, the co-founder of AA+, Nabil stated that he learned to be innovative with his creation. Aside from Chef Basyira, his love for pop culture has also been a source of inspiration for him to turn pastries into a form of self-expression. To him, baking is more than just baking. It is an art.


Next for Kotak


Nabil believes that Kotak is still a work in progress which will be in full swing by the end of 2018. As of now, he is perfecting his craft, building his team and most importantly, he is brainstorming for ideas.

With his talent and eye for creativity, there is no doubt that he will have no trouble to get by because what sets him apart from other young entrepreneurs out there is the fact that Agak Agak+ had equipped him with the fundamentals of running his own business.

Talking to Nabil, you would know that he is more than ready to launch his business but knowing him, you’ll know that he will not create anything that is less than up to par.

This could be the result of Agak Agak+ apprenticeship where he learned more than just cooking and baking. The apprenticeship has provided him with the necessary skills for managing his financials as an entrepreneur and most importantly, people skills.

Once I have my own business, I would love to train others as well. My biggest takeaway from Agak Agak+ is to be good and do good [things]

Though the F&B industry is tough, Nabil possesses pure intentions, well-trained skills, and creativity – basically all the crucial qualities you need to survive in the kitchen. Though Kotak has yet to launch officially, you can still count on him for collaborations and all kinds of themed pastries.


Kotak is Ready For Business

Interested with Nabil’s aspirations? Feel like Kotak has what it takes to cater your next event or party? Do not hesitate to support this homegrown entrepreneur, as there are far too few Malaysian F&B trailblazers like Kotak with quality yet truly unique offerings.

You can contact him here:

Instagram: @kotak.aa
Mobile: +6011 3620 3924


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