The Joy and Boredom-Reducing Power of Having 10 Cups of Coffee At Home

Ushering in a bold new year with exciting new flavours from Nespresso.

An unquenchable thirst for new brews pushes the coffee industry into a shake-up. Here, we’ll explore ten new internationally-inspired flavors from Nespresso and how it contains joy and boredom-reducing power.

Inspirazione Roma. Shanghai Lungo. Scuro. Environmentally-friendly coffee capsules roasted and processed in Switzerland and imported by Nestle Malaysia. They sound a little like special brews from a high-end hotel. But these are products that are readily available in the market. Whether they’d be around for years to come is another matter. We have a hunch that the defining brews of 2022 for Malaysia will be friendlier and more delicious.

Let’s get to these 10 cups of coffee, shall we?

Cup #1: Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

That creamy bit looks promising on the Tokyo Vivalto Lungo.

Smokey. Roasted. Peppery. The aroma is rich and flowery. There’s a tad bitter acidity, then a sweet aftertaste. Made with refined Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas beans. Would this cup of coffee remind you of Tokyo? It just might. It felt sophisticated, elegant, and complex. A perfect cup to have in between appointments from Roppongi to Shinjuku. 

Cup #2: Ispirazione Venezia

Ispirazione Venezia is creamy and velvety.

So what would Venetian culture taste like? The region has a rich history with silk, delicate fabrics, and stunning historic architecture. Nespresso takes this and interprets it as harmoniously balanced with a thick body. We found it creamy, frothy, well-rounded, and lightly roasted with a bitter aftertaste upon first taste. Then there’s a simple, gentle, and rich finish. This cup of coffee felt like it was an afternoon visit to a local Atelier. 

Cup #3: Ispirazione Roma

Hello, Ispirazione Roma!

What an impressive short-roast cup: balanced, light modulating to bitter, smoky, wood and sour finish, with a pleasant woody and roasty bite. A blend of natural Arabica from the Brazillian plateau, Robusta for that hint of woodiness, and Southeast Mexican Aribcas for the aromatics. The caffeine in this cup can power you through an afternoon in the Villa Borghese Gardens.

Cup #4: World Explorations Shanghai Lungo

Shanghai Lungo adds to the festive spirit for the lunar new year.

A blend between Chinese Arabica, Kenyan, and Indonesian beans, this cup of coffee is creamy, fruity with notes of bergamot, citrus aromas, and a touch of wood spice. The bitterness hits you upfront before the fruity flavors emerge. And there is also this slight hint of spice hiding the frothy cream. We recommend taking this with a splash of cream. Drinking this feels like a trip to the Shanghai Bund that gets better over the decades. 

Cup #5: Master Origins Colombia

Colombia’s great if you like it rough.

Oh, that sourness! Colombia tastes like cigarettes smoke, but it has a lovely aroma. Its acidity hits you right away. It is also bitter and feels like it was heavily roasted. According to Nespresso, Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest uses only high-grown, washed processed Colombian Arabica. The sourness comes from winey fruit notes of blackcurrant and cranberry. It’s a good kick for those who want a quick caffeine boost before a salsa session in Zaperoco.

Cup #6: Barista Creations Caramel Creme Brulee

Caramel Creme Brulee is a great dessert coffee.

Sweet-tooths should take note. Especially those that love Caramel Creme Brulee. The coffee’s aroma is enlivened with a tickle of sweet, coconut-toned cappuccino. There’s a round, deeply dimensioned note of caramel, and vanilla in the cup, with enough acidity to keep the cup subtle rather than banal. It was a joyful experience, though we wished we had some coffee chiffon cake to accompany it.

Cup #7: Barista Creations Scuro

Scuro is a drinkable everyday coffee.

A huge nod to the baristas in Melbourne for inspiring this perfectly balanced robust cup. Strong fruity notes and vaguely smoky roast dominate both aroma and cup. Full-bodied, smooth, creamy, slightly bitter with sweetness at the finish. Flavor smooths out from start to finish, thanks to the Arabicas from Colombia and Ethiopia that are split roasted for that intense roasted coffee taste. Well done, Nespresso!

Cup #8: Master Origins India

India packs a punch. Try this if you’re looking for some excitement.

Master Origins India with Robusta Monsoon’s rugged taste comes from its unique monsooning process. The coffee beans spend months facing the wind to develop a distinct woody, savory, spicy, and thick taste. It was intense when we tried it, but it had a pleasant roasted aromatic experience. It had harsh, bitter, and spicy with intensely sour notes. We would drink this while watching a Ramayana story.

Cup #9: Volluto

Volluto is great for an afternoon catch up session with your close friends.

On our first try, we wondered what the flavor was. Later, a couple of sips more identified it as nonchalant biscuity and light fruity sourness on top of that creaminess. The aroma is soft and pleasant. Made with Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, Volluto is a delightful adventure for those searching for joy.

Cup #10: Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio

Is it a quiet morning? Explore the delightful flavor of the Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio.

A pure Arabica blend structured on the back of Costa Rican coffee. It is a densely roasted flavor with a light sour-ish finish. Some creamy cocoa notes make it thick and velvety, just like a trip to the Museums in Florence. This is a cup of coffee that’s best enjoyed on a quiet morning.

So there we have it, we’ve gone around the world in 10 cups of coffee, thanks to Nespresso. Each cup of coffee is distinct and warrants some time to enjoy every note, aroma, and flavor. Some are joyful, whereas some are intense. Still, it’s all definitely boredom-reducing when you haven’t yet got the chance to travel the world. Trying all these different flavors is an adventure, and we’d definitely recommend it.

Did we try it all at one go, though? No, we didn’t. Just three cups of coffee per day over a few days is more than enough caffeine to blast away the blues.

Shiuh Wei


Shiuh Wei spent her childhood playing in an orchard and roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur in equal measure. She has an incurable wanderlust, a heartfelt passion for fresh produce, herbs and an enthusiasm for home-cooked food made with love. Being a vegetarian for almost two decades now, she enjoys an intimate connection with plants, vegetables and fruits, which keeps her inspired and nourished in her quest to get to learn from Malaysia's best cooks and find lost cultural practices.

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