It’s a Meat Fest at NY Steak Shack


Credit: Splendid Table

Attention all meat lovers!

What if I tell you that you can eat all the meat that you want at an affordable price and it is just right around the corner of your office. Intrigued? I know it will!

NY Steak Shack came out with a new menu that will definitely make every meat lovers’ dreams come true. Let’s dive straight to the list of must-try dishes.


Meat is Where the Heart Is

Made fresh to order, NY Steak Shack’s latest menu covers all lovable classics such as the smokehouse burger, chargrilled homemade patty topped with caramelised onions, cheddar cheese and chilli flakes. or their pulled beef sandwich. The meat is so tender that is just melts away in your mouth.

For chicken lovers, NY Steak Shack’s finest sriracha chicken sandwich would do just the trick! Fried using NY Steak Shack special batter, this is one crispy burger that will give you the satisfying crunch you’ve been craving for.

No, we do not forget about the seafood afficianados. How can we, when the surf and turf is native to New York? NY Steak Shack has the seafood board consisting a combo of fish fillet, shrimps and calamaris with sides of fries, salad and tartar sauce for you to share with friends and family.

After all, NY Steak Shack is all about sharing, fun dining and family!


Win And Eat for Free!

Excited to eat at NY Steak Shack? Let us make you even more excited with this interesting news!

Feeling extra hungry and seem to not feel full atall? Join NY Steak Shack’s Wagyu Steak Eating Challenge 2018. Follow these simple steps to join:

Step 1 – Go to NY Steak Shack now!
Step 2 – Order the Darling Down’s Wagyu Striploin and get the entry form.
Step 3 – Eat your Darling Down Wagyu before filling in the form.
Step 4 – Submit entry form and train your stomach!

Easy peasy. Don’t forget that entry submission  is only from 1st September to 30th November. Don’t miss it.

Follow the steps carefully and you can be eating at NY Steak Shack for free the whole of next year.  Good luck and enjoy!

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