Ready to Brisk it All with Tony Roma’s Latest Offerings

In the spirit of festivity, Tony Roma’s has recently launched 3 different varieties of Festive Sharing Platters meant to be shared among friends and family. Good things, after all, are better when enjoyed together.

Featuring the ever famous and meticulously prepared grilled beef brisket synonymous to Texan BBQ, you can now enjoy it in Tony Roma’s for a limited time. The sharing platters involve a galore of meat that are guaranteed to satisfy the carnivore in you while getting you your money’s worth.

Sharing is Caring

Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's

Let us introduce you to three festive platters; Meriah Platter (RM180), Syukur Platter (RM220) and Nikmat Platter (RM280). They feature an assortment of different cuts of meat that are guaranteed to be an adventure for your taste buds. You’ll taste the sweet caramelised deliciousness from the demi-glace, the tanginess of honey and plum sauce and most importantly the savory-ness of the BBQ sauce.

Each platter is special in its own way. With the Syukur and Nikmat platter, for example, you’ll get a portion of pickled onions served alongside Lamb Cevapi. The freshness of the pickled onions cuts through the fattiness of the meat, creating the perfect balance.


Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's


Brisket Magic

Though Tony Roma’s is famed for their ribs, the restaurant chain is spicing up their menu with yet another pièce de résistance that is the Grilled Beef Briskets.

So what is the deal with this slab of meat? Well, other than its butter-like tenderness, the brisket is grilled up to 6 hours with Tony Roma’s secret spices. It’s so delicious it could tempt a vegetarian!

It is evident that Tony Roma’s is trying to emulate the Texan BBQ experience through flavours reminiscent of Malaysian cuisine. The lamb ribs especially, has similar sweet notes to that of the local favourite, beef satay. This will undoubtedly entice Malaysian appetites this festive season. Even though Tony Roma’s is well-known for Western cuisine, the sharing platters are bringing Malaysian flavours through Texas BBQ to the table.

Tony Roma’s has managed to hit the right notes with something new in the Malaysian dining scene while still delivering the taste of Malaysia. The Festive Platters are proof that all good things are indeed better when shared.


What You Should Do

Call up a bunch friends or take out your family for some good food and an unbelievable dining experience. Head over to Tony Roma’s and get your hands on them sweet, sweet meat platters. If you are not too keen to share your meals, get yours from the new ala-carte menu. To check it out, head to



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