SACC’s Westside Bistro is Where East Meets West

Let’s face it, Shah Alam isn’t exactly among the best places to find good eats unless you know exactly where to go especially around PKNS Shah Alam, where students and families alike, hang out at fast food joints or mamak stores. Therefore, it definitely comes as a surprise to many that there is a place of delicious food at reasonable prices only 500 meters away from PKNS.


The Westside Bistro Story

Westside Bistro is a quaint, homely restaurant in Shah Alam Convention Centre or commonly known as SACC, among the locals has been in operations since 27th April 2010. Normally, one would assume that a restaurant like that only makes meals for the patrons of the convention centre, but actually, it is open to all! Anyone and everyone is welcome to have a good meal here, and you don’t even have to park inside the convention centre as parking is available outside for customers.

Proud with their “east meets west” concept, the culinary team of Westside Bistro never fails to deliver what is promised to their customers. So, if you are someone with exceptionally shrewd taste in food, it might be interesting to see if Westside Bistro’s offerings can satisfy you.

As early as 7 in the morning, it opens its doors to hungry early risers with their array of energy-filled breakfast menu that will just whet your appetite for the rest of the offerings they have for lunch, teatime and dinner. For the sweet tooth among you, La Patisserie by Westside Bistro will sate your sugary desires with their selection of freshly baked cakes and pastries that will leave you wanting for more.



The Taste Test

We were given the chance to try out four of their signature dishes, along with drinks of our choice and even cake for dessert.

For starters, we got to try the all-day-breakfast option, eggs with hash. The eggs were smooth and buttery, and the hash browns were cooked to perfection. It is served with toasted garlic bread. It’s ideal for anyone’s breakfast, at any time of the day.


We moved on to try the next dish, which was grilled chicken breast drizzled with gravy, topped with cheese and served on fine mashed potatoes. One would assume that chicken breast would be drier and harder to eat, but this was definitely not the case. The chicken was skillfully cooked and incredibly juicy. Combined with the mashed potatoes, it tasted absolutely delicious!


The next dish was grilled salmon on fine mashed potatoes. It was my personal favorite as the salmon was cooked just right, and the mashed potatoes complimented it perfectly! It makes for a quick, refreshing lunch option or a light dinner choice.


This is the chef’s special fried rice, served with egg, fried chicken and crispy keropok. If you think it tastes like any other fried rice available out there, you will be surprise with the mouthful of flavours exploding in your mouth very much like satti sorru.


For dessert, we were treated to a lovely red velvet cake. The presentation of the dish was very pretty! We could only imagine how well the other cakes would be presented, seeing as how they were all aesthetically pleasing to look at.


In Conclusion

Westside Bistro is a good place for a relaxing afternoon or evening, no matter if you’re a student or a working adult. The atmosphere is calming, and the staff are well-trained and polite. Don’t hesitate to drop by for a bite to eat!

Before you start planning a rendezvous there, make sure you plan your dining experience during their promotion or deal hour! At Westside Bistro, there are daily lunch and teatime promotions available for customers in order to further ‘spice things up’. You can also make reservations for a minimum number of two pax or big gatherings there. Just give them a call at 03-5511 8858.


Getting There:

A: Jalan Perbadanan 14/9,, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor



Emma Elizabeth Sim

Growing up with grandparents, they had one rule - whatever they cook, I must eat. I'm a person who enjoys reading, writing and gaming, but most importantly I enjoy food with the occasional milk tea on the side. I'm also probably the only Asian that prefers bread over rice. Pleasure is all mine!

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