Plan B for When You Can’t Get a Hold of Mom’s Cooking

As the holy month of Ramadan arrives, we’ve created a specially crafted menu that will bring you comfort and remind you of home.

With the MCO in full effect during this Ramadan, some of us can’t be with our families and break fast with mom’s incredible cooking. While we may not be able to exactly replicate your mother’s dishes, we can share ours through a Ramadan menu we’ve specially created with Plan B. Now you can get comfort food to remind you of home that is specially delivered to your doorstep.

Yearning For Mom’s Cooking…

Many fond memories that will forever be cherished includes family sitting around a table, patiently waiting for the call of azan while hungrily looking at the simple fare that mom made. Being adults now, we have so many responsibilities tying us down. A mom’s cooking, however, always seems to be able to bring us comfort.

Do you recall classic dishes that your mom would often make? Was it Masak Lemak Cili Api? Or was it Assam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri? There was so much love that went into those dishes. This Ramadan we will attempt to pay homage to all the moms that tirelessly poured their love into cooking for us with recipes we know and love now available for many of you to try.

When Plan A Fails, Use Your Plan B!

Butterkicap x Plan B Ramadan Bundle Menu
Menu curated with love

Despite being a contemporary, modern cafe that serves mainly fusion dishes, the core values of Plan B are very much traditional. Ben Yong, founder of the Big Group believes strongly that food is the key to a strong, united community. For him, Plan B is a place of happiness and celebration where food is made with love and the customers are treated like family.

The whole idea, values and concept behind Plan B resonates with Ben’s aspiration of recreating fond memories you have as a child, especially the feeling of comfort, warmth and love you would get from your mom. With that in mind, Plan B’s Chef Wan Mohd Sabri and Butterkicap’s own Chef Nik Michael Imran have been experimenting in the kitchen for months just to get the flavour and feel right without compromising on the personal touches they put on certain dishes that they hold dear.

Ramadan Must-Trys in Plan B

This Ramadan is a bittersweet one indeed. We associate Ramadan as a month of family, gatherings and reflection. This year, we are forced to celebrate the holy month with social distancing in mind. Instead of feeling sad, let’s use this opportunity to prove that you can be together with family and loved ones, not just in spirit but through the thoughts and care parcelled together with our favourite classic dishes.

Among the new Ramadan dishes that we have created with Plan B , there are a few particular dishes we want to highlight here. Not just for their beautiful presentation, but also for the flavour, textures as well as the refined quality added by Chefs Nik and Wan Mohd Sabri. These chefs have have taken these traditional dishes to the next level.

  • Nasi Ulam Piri Percik

Nasi ulam with a Nando-like vibe. There are tangy notes you can detect in the percik sauce made with peri-peri, a type of hot pepper that is commonly used in Portuguese and Jamaican cooking. Interestingly, the tanginess of the pepper does not clash with the rich, milky santan flavour that makes Plan B’s percik sauce a delightful treat.

  • Roti John
Butterkicap x Plan B Ramadan MenuRoti John

Who doesn’t love the simple flavours of Roti John? Beloved by all, this simple street fare is made with curry-flavoured egg mixture with bits of minced meat, sandwiched between two buttery buns. So, how can you make something so good even better? Instead of using normal bread, our recipe uses Hokkaido milk bread. The subtle milky sweet taste of the bread highlights the mixture of spices in the egg-meat patty perfectly. This is one Roti John you don’t want to miss out.

  • Ikan Cencaru Sumbat Sambal
Butterkicap x Plan B Ramadan Menu Ikan Cencaru Sumbat Cili

Classics are always evergreen for a reason, just like this dish. Ikan Cencaru Sumbat Sambal is one of those simple but oh so very satisfying dishes. This unassuming dish is definitely a must-try. The fish is stuffed with spicy sambal and when cooked together, the flavours mingle perfectly.

  • Prawn Kam Heong
Butterkicap x Plan B Prawn Kam Heong Ramadan

An extra special dish to try is Prawn Kam Heong. This dish is a beautiful example of our cultural mix here in Malaysia. It is made with a blend of ingredients from curry spices to soy sauce and shallots tossed in together with succulent prawns. What you end up with is a mouthwateringly fragrant dish.

  • Masak Lemak Cili Api Telur Sotong
Butterkicap x Plan B Ramadan Menu Masak Lemak Cili Api

What is Ramadan without Masak Lemak Cili Api? A celebrated kampung food, many restaurants and shops boast of having the best version. More often than not, they really are not that good. So, what makes Plan B’s version different? The answer is the squid egg. Fluffy, soft and juicy, the squid eggs absorb the spicy coconut gravy, inadvertently turning into a bomb of flavour.

  • Terung Goreng Kicap
Butterkicap x Plan B Ramadan Eggplant Aubergine Terung goreng kicap

Tender morsels of aubergine sautéed in a sweet and salty soy sauce. This is a well loved dish in many Malaysian households; unless you’re not a fan of aubergine, of course. It’s simple but addictive.

  • Masak Lemak Butternut Squash with Pucuk Labu
Butterkicap x Plan B Masak Lemak Butternut Squash Ramadan

Fresh, simple and light, the Masak Lemak Butternut Squash is, hand’s down, the most underrated kampung dish. Coconut gravy with the sweet flavour and soft texture of butternut squash is a matchmaker’s dream. All you need to pair this with is hot rice, some fresh ulam (local raw salad), maybe half a salted egg and, of course, sambal belacan. Perfecto!

There’s More Dishes to Choose From

Feel like getting something else? No worries! We’ve got you covered this Ramadan. There are more than 40 dishes for you to select from including traditional regional sambals like Budu and Sambal Hitam Pahang that gives an added zing to your food.

For that comfort home food this Ramadan, check out Plan B and Butterkicap’s Ramadan Bundle from RM55 for two people or RM95 for 4 people. Enjoy free delivery within the first 8-kilometer radius with a minimum purchase of RM100.

Psst! There’s also the 4 inch whole cakes available for only RM15 with any Ramadan bundle purchase!

To order is simple. You choose to either:

a) Order via Grab (last order by 7pm)

Plan B’s Publika
Benji’s Bistro in Bangsar

b) Contact Plan B directly

M: 012-3313913 / 010-2659539
IG: The Big Group
FB: The Big Group or Plan B by Big
MCO Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm (Last order by 5pm)

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