Basmati Rice (Beras Basmati)

Basmati rice
The word “basmati” is originally from the Sanskrit word “vasmati” which means fragrant or aromatic. Basmati rice is long, slender-grained aromatic rice which comes from the Indian subcontinent. It is either available in white or brown version. This type of rice usually eat with other dishes such as gulai and kari.


Beras Basmati
Perkataan “basmati” berasal daripada perkataan Sanskrit, “vasmati” yang bermaksud wangi dan beraroma. Bentuk beras basmati ialah panjang dan halus yang berasal daripada benua kecil di India. Ia terdapat dalam warna putih dan coklat yang kerap di makan bersama lauk pauk seperti gulai dan kari.

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