They Had What? 5 Places that Make the Malaysian Food Experience Memorable

It’s a beautiful morning in Kuala Lumpur, and it’s the perfect time to play gastrotourist. Our illustrated guide will take you on a journey around this sprawling metropolis that we call home, taking you on a Malaysian food adventure to the places that you should definitely experience (if you haven’t already), starting with breakfast at the largest pewter company in the world, and ending with a delicious vegetarian dinner just before a Bharatanatyam performance. So pack an empty stomach, hop on the car, and let’s take a drive together.


1. Royal Selangor Visitor Center  

Apart from being the largest (and best) pewter company in the world with beautiful products and wonderful factory museum, Royal Selangor Visitor Centre has a great cafe with a surprisingly generous selection of Malaysian food. Bright and airy in design, the cafe serves good food with local daily specials. If lady luck is by your side, and you see either the nasi goreng kampung or curry laksa as the daily special, you should definitely give it a go. The cafe’s daily specials are frequently updated and you can always get the latest menu here. Royal Selangor is still a family company and every part of it is a reflection of the personal touch of a family member, including the cafe which kicked off with baked goodies by the wife of Royal Selangor’s own Executive Director. It still serves great cakes today.

Visit   4 Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur 53300
Call    03-4145 6186  |   Hours   9am – 5pm


2. DR. Inc.

Credit: Dr Inc

As you approach the vintage shop lots, you can almost smell the coffee wafting through the air. Tucked between two vintage shop lots, DR.Inc is a whimsical space where you can not only can you buy cute products by Nala Design, (and clever furniture by Kedai Bikin), you can get brilliant coffee based drinks and very tasty food. Whether it’s from the kitchen or off of the shelves, DR.Inc reflects co owners Lisette Scheers and Jeremy Chin’s passion for coffee and memorabilia.

Visit  8 Jalan Kemuja Kuala Lumpur 59000
Call  03-2633 5059  |  Hours  9 AM – 10 PM


3. Peter Hoe at the Row

Credit: Peter Hoe at the Row

Peter Hoe at the Row has long been a go to for great Malaysia-themed paraphernalia, clothing, home and decor items. If you take a leisurely browse through the boutique, you’d find an quirky mix of handmade gifts that will delight even the most seasoned tourist. In 2016, the brand found a new home at the Row with an eatery that serves delightful, comfort food. Quiches in particular are yummy.

Visit 56-1 ,1st Floor The Row KL Jalan Doraisamy. Kuala Lumpur 50300 
012-334 7123   |   Hours 10 AM – 7 PM


4. KitaKita

Credit: KitaKita

Lifestyle retail outlet,  KitaKita offers authentic Malaysian food and crafts with a contemporary twist. It is listed in the LUXE guide- Kuala Lumpur edition, and has brought on Siti Li as its food partner last year. KitaKita is arguably the best place to get a complete Malaysian experience for eating and shopping. Home cooked flavors of classic Malaysian from soto to laksa Johor and die-die must try cekodok pisang. Come for a full spread or buy a cup of teh tarik while waiting for your beautiful purchases to be gift-wrapped at no extra charge.

Visit G1.10, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur 50490
Call 03-2096 1323  |   Hours 10:30AM – 7:00PM


5. Annalakshmi at Temple of Fine Arts 


There’s no finer way to wind down a perfect day than a simple vegetarian dinner just before a Bharatanatyam performance. As you walk into the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), you will see women dressed in beautiful sarees in the company of equally well-dressed men having dinner at Annalakshmi just before the performance hall opens its doors. The buffet is an excellent option if you want to sample the many delicious varieties of curries, rice and breads. For a stress-free Indian Malaysian food experience, be sure to pre-book your tickets to the stage performances or musical dramas held almost every month at TFA, because the queue for the tickets could get very busy.

Visit Annalakshmi @ The Temple of Fine Arts, 116, Jalan Berhala , Brickfields KL 50470
Call 03-2274 0799   |   Hours 11:30AM – 9:45PM


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