7 Best Places to Eat That are Walking Distance from an MRT Station

As you may know (and should know by now) that the MRT lines of Sungai Buloh – Kajang has begun its operations and this entails more gastronomic adventure.

MRT station could be said as a beacon of hope to foodies to spend more on the food itself than the journey of getting one place to another.

Here are 7 MRT stations with a number of great selections of places to eat that are just within walking distance.


1. MRT Sungai Buloh

As you may know that there are 31 MRT stations and MRT Sungai Buloh is the first station of the line heading to Sungai Buloh. There are numbers of places to eat for all those foodies who are on the hunt of the next great thing.

There are 3B Drip & Dutch which serves hand-dripped and Dutch coffee roasted from Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans. Next is Soon Hock Restaurant. Those who are looking for some flavourful steam fish, well Soon Hock is the place for you.


2. MRT Kota Damansara

Next station on our list is MRT Kota Damansara. Packed with famous places which opened 24 hours and a great dim sum place, MRT Kota Damansara will bring joy to all the foodie our there.

The places that one should try when in Kota Damansara is Olfactory Bulb which I am sure those who crave for something deletable will find here. Its quirky dessert here is Instagram-worthy that your friends will be jealous over. The next cafe that one should go if one were a night owl is the Donutes Bakery Cafe. This Taiwanese bakery is definitely the place to be if you’re want to find a place to chat with the friends after a hectic day at work.


3. MRT Mutiara Damansara

After Kota Damansara, the next station that foodie should stop by is the MRT Mutiara Damansara. We can guarantee you that every foodie will love this area and enjoy hopping from one cafe to another.

As you know there are numbers of places to go and savour in Mutiara Damansara but we would love it if you could try Ilham Nasi Kukus and Loqstaq Daging Merah. To those who are looking to taste great marinated fried chicken, then Ilham Nasi Kukus is definitely a must try.


4. MRT Bandar Utama

One of the places that every foodie must stop-by is the MRT station of Bandar Utama. situated a few walking distance to One Utama whereby it could be consider a food place for hungry foodies.

It is nearly to impossible on finding nothing to eat at One Utama because every single thing you could find it there ranging from cheap to posh places such as Signature by the Hill. Explore and have fun trying food out.


5. MRT Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

How could we not include the residential area of TTDI in our list of 7 places of MRT station that one will find great food. MRT TTDI which is located between Bandar Utama and Phileo Damansara will surely leave your tummy full of exciting flavours.

Though there are a lot of places in TTDI which one should go and visit, we do suggest of going to Misicafe TTDI for some Asian fusion.


6. MRT Bukit Bintang

I am sure when they decided to open a MRT station at Bukit Bintang, people were gleaming happily over the decision. As there is finally a way to get to the heart of Kuala Lumpur easily and without much interchange.

There are just a lot of food eatery along Bukit Bintang that one will not miss it. We highly recommend that you try the simple life restaurant if you’re the journey of clean eating or maybe you could add a bit (more) sugar in your life with tasty desserts at Caffe Bene. Check out MRT Bukit Bintang and be stuffed with food.


7. MRT Kajang

We were wondering how to end our list and so we decided to end it with the last station of the MRT which is the MRT Kajang. After the fulfilling day of filling yourself with all kinds of food I am sure you’ll be needing something light or perhaps something homey.

Kajang, the home to the famous Satay Kajang is something one should try when you are in Kajang. Their chicken stay is great to feast on after a long day of non-stop eating. So go ahead and enjoy your satay.



The newly operated MRT lines has bring benefits to our community to reach places easily and quickly. So thank you Malaysia for the newly launched MRT lines and we hope there will be more exciting food adventure awaits for us in the future.

Y. Helmy

Yusof Helmy is a lover of all things rainbow; be it from rainbow cupcakes to rainbow bagels. He believes that in order to enjoy and love food, one must throw the weighting scale in the trash and eat those who say that you are on the fluffier side ( He practise cannibalism sometimes ). He is on the journey of finding his joie de vivre.

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