Doubletree KL Saves the Environment, One Spoon at a Time

Doubletree KL by Hilton has an interesting idea for you. But before we get into that, let us ponder:

How many among our readers here love their meat? We are not talking about eating meat once a day. We are talking about ‘meat at every meal’ kind of love. If you are the latter, bad news for you.

Apparently, an estimated 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are derived from animal products and this number is higher than the total gas emission derived from all forms of transportation.

Due to our meat-eating ways, the demand for livestock supply especially in the manufacturing of beef and dairy products, have forced forests to be cut down and consequently caused a large number of flora and fauna to be at the brink of extinction.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Since stopping eating meat cold turkey (excuse the pun) may not be the best solution for now,  surely you want to know what you can do to reduce the chances of Armageddon happening soon.


Sustainable Dining at Its Best

Doubletree KL by Hilton

The Hilton Group, realising the impact of our eating habits to the environment, has made it their goal to eliminate the procurement of endangered species identified by WWF.

Hilton has pledged to source at least 25% of the Group’s total global seafood procurement volume for owned, managed and leased properties from MSC certified fisheries and ASC certified farms.

The rest of Hilton’s owned, managed and leased seafood volume will then be sourced from fisheries and farms that adhere to the MSC or ASC standards.

In short, they are incorporating sustainable eating as a unique dining experience to be enjoyed by their guests and one of the first hotel chain under Hilton that will be introducing this eco-friendly concept is Doubletree KL via the ‘What’s the Catch?’ menu promotion.


Til then, eat responsibly and do not waste food!

What’s the Catch?


Doubletree KL’s Tosca ran its first ‘What’s the Catch?’ promotion between March 16th til May 12th, 2018 in order to measure the acceptance of the sustainable dining concept among the locals and we must say, the effort is not only delicious but very much well-received!

As the name suggested, this promotion is all about sustainable seafood dining in which the Head Chef, Eric Siew ensures that the whole Doubletree KL culinary team creates dishes that uses all parts of the fish, especially tuna and salmon that are now facing endangerment due to overfishing.

Although the promotion is now over, make sure you visit and for more information about their sustainable dining movement.

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