Craft a Business That Inspires Happiness and Loyalty

The key to the rise and fall of a service-based business is often the loyalty of its customers.
A customer with loyalty to your business is a repeat customer. A repeat customer is the key to a sustainable and successful business.







Love and Loyalty are Key to a Flourishing Business

Businesses come and go all the time. One way to hang in there and rise above the rest is by inspiring customer loyalty. And how do you do that? First and foremost, think of yourself as a friend. Be someone people would want to hangout with and support. Here are some ways to help you improve your customer loyalty.

Their happiness could translate to positive mentions of you on social media.

  • Be human. People care about other people and their feelings. Most businesses try to appear unemotional but this does not inspire loyalty. You need to appear likeable and easy to connect with. Try showing that your company is more than just a brand; that there are nice people working for the company who are trying to do their best.
  • Be polite and show your thanks. A little praise or a thank you can be as effective as points or discounts. It is also important to listen and look out for when your customers recommend your brand in a community or on social media. These actions should be rewarded or acknowledged.
  • Involve them in decisions. Show that you care about what your customers think. Implementing any suggestions made by your customers will make them feel that what they’ve got to say matters to you. This will make your customers feel special and will translate to them liking your brand more.

Create a space for your customers to talk about topics you want associated with your brand

  • Build a sense of community. A lot of companies do a good job in creating a space for their customers to talk but they don’t give their customers anything to talk about. You need to get conversations started about topics related to your brand. This will get people forming relationships and from there you’re well on your way to creating loyalty.
  • Surprise them. Daily routine can be a snooze. What better way to inject happiness and create positive feelings towards your brand than to surprise your customers with an unexpected gift. It doesn’t even have to be a big investment. For example, on Mother’s Day, you could give out roses. Their happiness could translate to positive mentions of you on social media.
  • Last but never least is to have fun! Start by making sure that those working for you are having fun and enjoy being part of your brand. Loyal workers and partners will naturally reflect positive feelings to your customers.

Think of your brand as a friend. Who would your customers like to hang out and be lifelong friends with. And like any good friend, being likeable, connected and engaged with your customers is so important.

Elina Jasmi

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