Bringing Johor to Kuala Lumpur at Don’s Warong

In Malaysia, when it comes to food, only a few states will come to mind.

Don’t deny it! The first few images that might come to mind is the vibrant, rich colours of Penang’s delectable Nasi Kandar or the warmness of a plate of Ipoh’s Sar Hor Fun or the complexity of flavours that delight the senses in Sarawak’s Mee Kolok and that’s about it.

Truthfully, have you ever considered that you may have missed out one more food-hunting location that was just recently named as one of the must-go locations in Asia for its food varieties and flavours. And that place is none other than the southern state of Johor.


Johorean Fare at its Best

In a nutshell, Johorean cuisine highlights the flavours of all the ingredients used, no matter how simple they are and created a whole new flavour that is both alien but comforting. Although it lacks the richness of Penang and Malacca cuisine, the influences of Javanese, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Malay, European cuisine and many more gives Johorean food a unique character of its own.

Being a state next to Singapore, a globally renowned food hub, Johor has always been overlooked as a place filled with hidden gastronomical gems but then again, there is still time for you to rectify that mistake. From Muar’s Beriani Gam to Kacang Pool, you will realise how much you have missed by overlooking Johor.


Don’s Take of Johorean Fare

Not everyone has the luxury to travel over a span of two hours just for a plate of authentic Kacang Pool or Mee Rebus. If you are not too concerned about keeping your expenses under budget, go ahead. If not, find a place closer to home that will give you the exact dining experience you can get in Johor.

Lucky for you, we know just the place. Don’s Warong is THE place for city-dwellers to get a taste of authentic Johorean fare at a reasonable price. Wonder what are the must-try items there? Check out our list below.


What to Try

The Don

Just by its name, you know that the Don is a burger to be reckoned with. The Don is a burger lover’s dream come true. Come in layers of succulent, juicy beef patty, crispy beef bacon, fresh lettuce and egg, sunny side up, that are sandwiched between two fluffy sesame buns, The Don makes eating burgers a truly pleasurable and life-changing experience especially when you are hungry.

Although not exactly a traditional Johorean meal, the Don is a classic dish on its own and is a reliable option for those who have more of an “ang moh” palate.


Nasi Goreng Kampung Muar

Who does not love a plate of good ol’ nasi goreng? Growing up with it, the nasi goreng kampung at Don’s is clearly a winner. Simple yet flavourful, with just a little of the chilli paste, the dish will go from childhood favourite to spicy heaven in just a bite.


Sup Daging DW

After a long, stressful day, you want nothing but to unwind and be comforted. At Don’s, they understand of your needs. That is why they have the hearty sup daging in their menu.

Succulent bite-sized beef chunks in the soup are sure to melt your worries away with every bite you take. To give an extra zing to the otherwise delicious soup, add some cili kicap or ginger-garlic paste.


Mee Rebus Johor

Johor’s mee rebus is all about its gravy, which can make or break the dish. Thick and rich, it is savoury with a nutty nuance as well as with a slightly sweet and spicy aftertaste coming from the curry spices used.

Our verdict? You’ll be wanting another bowl right after you finish with the first one.


Nasi Lemak Kukus Johor

Nasi lemak and Malaysians cannot be separated. Nasi lemak is a rite of passage for every Malaysian. Without nasi lemak, there is a void in our lives and the one served in Don’s Warong will leave you desiring for nasi lemak every day.

Although the sambal is a little to the sweeter side, the crispiness of the ikan bilis and the soft flesh of the accompanying fried chicken is enough to make you ordering another plate!


Keropok Lekor Mokcik

A light snack, the kerepok lekor served at Don’s are definitely one of the best we have tried so far. Crispy on the outside yet soft in the inside, Don’s have got their keropok lekor frying game on point!

Dip in the sweet spicy sauce and you will find your keropok lekor gone in seconds.

Kopi Muar 434

Lately, the weather has been hot and cruel. Drinking plain old water just doesn’t quench your thirst. What you need is Don’s Kopi Muar. Cold and welcoming, Don’s Kopi Muar can be count on to quench your thirst in no time, especially with the additional of a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which makes the drink better than any float drinks you have had so far.


Ais Kacang Johor

If you are not a coffee fan, Don has their special ais kacang Johor to satisfy your need to cool off in this dry weather. The balance between the nuts, beans and other ingredients with the amount of syrup used makes every spoonful of ice a perfect scoop.

Don’t be greedy and order one all to yourself because the portion served is more than enough to keep two people hydrated and cool.



Don’s Warong is Calling!

Go to Don’s Warong now and be delighted with their array of scrumptious Johorean fare.

A: B-0-4, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
M: +603-6206 1242


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