BERIANI KL is Open for Business

It’s just a few days before Raya and you need to suddenly cook for 30 to 50 people. Panic! We’ve all been there. If not Raya it’s for some other occasion where we’ve left things to the very last minute. That’s why it’s so important that everyone has a list of caterers that can help you out in a pinch. I’ve found one such caterer in BerianiKL.

Beriani rice accompanied by succulent beef and generous portion of chicken.

Can you imagine my relief to find out that they still take orders and deliver during the very last week of Ramadan as well as first week of Raya! My heroes!

Food is a Family Affair

BerianiKL is run by Elena Shamsuddin who balances running her own PR company with being a mother and small entrepreneur. She’s a busy bubbly bee but to Elena, family and good food always takes center stage. While BerianiKL was her brainchild born out of her love for scrumptious food, it is a family affair.

All the food, from the rice to the dhal to the spicy beef to the dessert are prepared at home by Elena Shamsuddin herself, her sister and their mother. Don’t you love that? Home-made food with recipes and cooking skills passed down through the generations.

There’s even a little munchkin helping out with the preparations. She’s the official packer. That’s three generations in one kitchen.

Who knows? Maybe this little munchkin is the future tycoon of BerianiKL perhaps?

Each meal is put together with care. When the whole family is involved paired with classic recipes and love all around, you’re sure to taste it in the food.

A Pinch of Johor, A Dash of KL

While Elena and family are Johorians, why call her business BerianiKL? First of all, she’s located in KL. Secondly, she’s altered the recipe slightly and it’s delicious! “Though it is like Beriani Johor, I have modified the recipe so it is not exactly like Beriani Johor. Even the daging (beef) is not the usual big daging, but cut more like daging kari for easy eating.”

Easy eating and so very good! Good thinking making the pieces of meat smaller. The meat is soft and the flavours really come through. Besides the spiced beef, you also have the option of ordering chicken. The portions are portions and the chicken is tender and moist.

Chicken or Beef. How do you even choose?

Top it off with a thick dhal and it’s oh so satisfying. If you’re salivating, let me tell you a bit more about the offerings.

On the Menu Today

So, what’s on the menu? Each set comes with Beriani rice, spiced beef or chicken, vegetable dhal, corn pudding and chicken spring rolls. There’s a minimum order of 30 pax for RM16.50 each.

As a really nice touch for Ramadan, you can even order their food to be delivered to orphanages, mosques or any other charitable organization you desire.

Let’s Break it Down


Beriani Rice

Spiced Beef or Chicken

Vegetable Dhal

Corn Pudding

Chicken Spring Rolls

Minimum order of 30 pax for RM16.50 each.

Food is packed in disposable plastic containers.

Deliveries are made daily between 2pm to 4pm. An additional charge RM15 is levied for deliveries within the Klang Valley.

If you’re ready to order for yourself or for charity, you can check out their Instagram account and DM @BerianiKL. Alternatively, you can Whatsapp them at 012 – 216 1627 or 012 – 630 3094.

In addition to main catered meals, Elena and her sister also have nuts packed in cute little tubes perfect to give as a gift this Raya. You can order it together with your Beriani or check out their instagram @nutstorykl

Go nuts with a perfectly addictive gift this Eid
Elina Jasmi

Elina aspires to eat well always, make healthy choices occasionally (hey, what is life without dessert), laugh as often as possible and discover more sinful eats to rave about.

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