7 Malaysian Road Trip Snacks You Must Have in Your Car

A road trip journey is rarely ever complete without snacks! The best thing about Malaysian road trips are the many RnR spots you can choose to stop along your trip and the variety of food offered are indeed unique and special because you can’t get them anywhere else other than in Malaysia.

So, whether you’re taking a weekend trip with loves ones or heading down to Kuala Lumpur to show your support to our home team for SEA Games 2017 in Bukit Jalil, don’t forget to pick up extra snacks from the list we provide below for you to enjoy while sitting on the stand, rooting for the athletes.


1. Cut Fruits

When going on a trip, you cannot not stop at the any of the RnR stops and not get their cut fruits! This is one of the unspoken rules of going on a road trip in Malaysia. Every time you stop, you got to get at least one packet of RM2 cut fruits of any of the local variety.

The chilled, freshly cut fruits will definitely refresh your tired body for the rest of the journey. There is nothing like a juicy, sweet guava on a hot day and nothing can compete with it.


2. Kacang Rebus

Credit: fairuzloy.wordpress.com

The next item on our list is kacang rebus. Nothing says like comfort than a bag of piping hot steamed ground peanuts that just melt away in your mouth with just one chew. Why this snack is a road trip must-have because it actually taste better when shared.

We are not kidding! The next time you go on a road trip, get a bag and share it. If that is not going to complete your trip, nothing will.


3. Asam/Jeruk

Credit: wahidayatulaswa.blogspot.my

Malaysian roads are long and winding and hilly. Believe it or not, some of us tough Malaysians are not so tough when it comes to going on dizzying roads up and down hills. Thus, you need something sour but tasty to counter the bile threatening to come out. This is where the handy asam or jeruk comes to prevent you from projectile vomit in the car. If that does not help, get a plastic bag ready for you to hurl your stomach out.


4. Sweet Corn

Another classic road trip snack that every Malaysian would have tried by now is the sweet corn. You can either choose to mix the corn with salt and butter or condensed milk to make it a treat that is simply delightful. At just an affordable price of RM 3 per cup, nothing says ‘road trip’ than corn.


5. Pau

Credit: johorkaki.blogspot.com

For those who needs to eat a heavy meal but are in a hurry to reach their destination, frequent stops to get some light snacks may not be your cup of tea. So, why not, make one pit stop and get lots and lots of paus which will last you for the whole journey.

In every RnR, there will be at least two or three stalls that will be selling a variety of paus for you to choose from such as coconut, kaya, barbecue chicken, beef rendang and red bean. Nothing gives a goof munch than a soft, warm pau.


6. Chocolates

If you have terrible sweet-tooth, nothing savoury, salty or sour can satisfy your road trip hunger pangs. That is why, it is important for you to stock your glove compartment with bags and bags of chocolates.

However, make sure you invest some of your money and get an ice-box so that you do not have to lick your chocolate of its wrapper and risk an accident. If that is going to lead to a death by chocolate, it is not worth it.


7. Fish Crackers

Credit: keropokcapikanflowerhorn.com

Another special road trip snack for Malaysians are fish crackers. Ooh…we cannot help but salivate by just thinking of the it. Besides, the sound of crunching crackers not only keep you awake but forces you to take some too because who can resist the fishy smell of it? With just RM 2, you can get one big bag that is more than enough to feed four hungry mouths on a road trip.



Do you agree with our list? If not, why not share with us your very own personalised road trip snacks that reflects you as Malaysians. Honestly, we feel there are no other road trip snacks that can even compete with our Malaysian version snacks.

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Azrene Jasmine

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