Last Minute Food Truck Guide to a Winning SEA Games 2017

It may not be the Great Food Truck Race that offers a fifty grand US dollar grand prize for the win, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing a part in the Kuala Lumpur 2017, as host country and support to our talented Malaysian contingent that will be competing on the international sports stage during this anticipated event.

With 36 venues, approximately 5,000 athletes, and the influx of sports fans and supporters from 11 participating countries; set your eyes on still taking advantage of the small window of opportunity to offer your services during the SEA Games 2017 season, between the 19th to the 30th of August.


Is it too late?

With less than a month away, it is not unusual to feel like you have missed the boat in making arrangements to make that extra dough (pun totally intended), if you haven’t already. Tactical decisions do require quick thinking and action, a robust but flexible team, and usage of funds that you probably have not prepared for.

But seeing that the SEA Games has taken 16 years since its last appearance in our home country, it would seem a waste not to participate in some form. And it’s not completely out of nature for a food truck type business really, as it is in your character to adapt!

So if you still feel you have the drive and determination to make that extra cash, here’s a list that can hopefully help you with your last minute preparation.

1. Knowing the Course


Just like athletes preparing for a competition, one should always know the course inside out. The Games schedule is available on, with many sports activities planned for at the KL Sports City of Bukit Jalil.

The highlight of the Games will be the Opening and Closing ceremonies at the newly renovated Bukit Jalil National Stadium, as it will probably garner the most anticipated following; but it is also interesting to note the Axiata Arena, the National Aquatic Centre, the National Hockey Stadium and the newly built National Velodrome in Nilai (any food truckers in Negeri Sembilan interested?) as additional locations.

The Organising Committee has allocated spaces at the different sites for the conduct of food truck businesses, so be sure to contact the Organisers at for specifics, once you have made your route and location choices. Remember that it is important to be prepared for the different demands of unfamiliar locations, you don’t want to be literally stuck in the mud!

Alternatively, you could also attempt familiar Kuala Lumpur localities, that will be “hot spots” for visitors during their off schedule times.

2. Event Day Equipment and Gear

Start prepping your equipment now! As you will be running at venues you are unaccustomed to and probably for hours on end, this is the one list that you should not leave to the last. Check and make sure the essentials for your food truck are ready; water, gas, generator, air in your tyres… and make sure your supplies will be ready from the word, Go!

It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra too, so why not prepare some additional stools or utensils for example; and if you want to go a little further, get in touch with fellow food truckers to share services to your customers!

3. How’s the Weather?

August is a month for beautiful weather in our country, with almost constant sunshine and slight drizzles in the evenings. The weather forecasts an average of 32 degrees celsius during the day and a cooler 23 degrees of night time temperature from the 19th to the 30th of August, currently.

Make sure you anticipate your offerings to suit the dry and hot conditions (ice, ice, ice!), as well as being prepared for some rainfall if you are out in the evenings. If you want to further extend your services to your food truck customers, perhaps include disposable raincoats in your menu (inedible of course).

4. The Green Initiative


Plan your wastes and energy usage. Being mobile does not mean we should leave tracks behind, especially if it is unwanted and unsightly waste from our operations and customers.

Plan your garbage appropriately, help out and add disposable waste areas, and do your part in disposing the waste at allocated main garbage areas (or take it back with you to throw it away at an area that you are familiar with!).

Additionally, you could play a bigger part in the Green Initiative by the Kuala Lumpur 2017 team and get your community in on the goal. Make it fun for your food truck customers to bring their own food or drink containers and reward them with a bigger portion or a ringgit off their meal!

Don’t forget that you represent our country as well. International events like these, not only put host countries on the map, but it is a chance for you to leave positive lasting impressions too.

5. Promo Deals

Seasonal projects are always an opportunity to have a little fun out of the norm. Instead of the usual menu that you offer, try adding some spice with bulk buying deals, SEA Games (or athlete) themed dishes or vegetarian alternatives.

It is imperative that you prepare your team to communicate your menu accurately, with a extra attention to communicating in English that will probably be able to transcend all visiting customers.

Keep your calling cards, Instagram handles, emails and websites handy too. Get it right and you will be adding on to your list of fans!


6. Platform for Upcoming Events

Experiences build development and confidence for you and your team. Complete your little project on the SEA Games, and you’re already set to take on our country’s 60th Independence Day on the 31st of August and the 9th ASEAN Para Games (part of KL 2017) from September 17th to the 23rd!

So why not start cracking and have fun! Rise together for Kuala Lumpur 2017’s 29th SEA Games.

Shareen Ramli

Shareen is all about the Business of Food, having been an active player in the Malaysian food industry and entrepreneurship for 15 years and counting. With parents from the Peninsular and East Malaysia, her Malaysian palate and familiarity extends to both sides of the country across the waters. She is now focusing on teaching, consulting and sharing; with particular attention to preventative diet solutions (chronic diseases) and public access to good produce.

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