Is Nasi Lemak the Malaysians’ All-Time Favourite Food?

Nasi Lemak is the ultimate Malaysian food. The combination of the spicy sambal, creamy coconut rice, crisp cucumber and boiled egg brings a balance in flavour that is totally indescribable!

This dish, although simple, requires a certain skill to prepare it, especially in ensuring the different, contrasting flavours actually complement with one another. Unfortunately, today, nasi lemak’s reputation is in shambles because of several individuals who have no skills nor the passion for nasi lemak, are making and selling nasi lemak just to gain some profit out of it.

As a result, some Malaysians no longer agree that nasi lemak is the Malaysians’ all-time favourite food. For those die-hard fans of nasi lemak, this is the article for you to prove your point!

Is Nasi Lemak Our All-Time Favourite Food?

Previously, an article about the unknown history of Nasi Lemak is written by Butterkicap and we have managed to end the long feud that has been going on between the Malays, Indians and Chinese about who owns the copyright to this delectable mountain of rice, sambal, egg and fried anchovies.

The verdict is…nasi lemak is a combination of all of us! However, now there is a new feud brewing among Malaysians and that is Nasi Lemak is NOT Malaysian’s all-time favourite food.

We know! These anti-Nasi Lemak movement has dubbed char kuey teow and roti canai as the real dish that Malaysians love. But, do you agree? Let us help you out abit to make your decision.

Nasi Lemak : Imagine coconut flavoured rice, rich spicy sambal, crispy fried anchovies and cooling cucumber.

Kind of makes your body shiver in anticipation, right?

Char Kuey Teow: The smoky flavour of fried shrimp and the simple flavours of soy sauce that binds all the ingredients together to produce a magical taste, leaving you wanting more.

Roti Canai: Breakfast, Teh Tarik. Kuah Banjir. ‘Nuff said.


Made your choice yet? Wait, do not tell us yet! Let us convince you more on why nasi lemak is the all-time favourite food of Malaysians.


Why Is It the Best?

Nasi Lemak is a unique dish that combines all the best things from all of the races. The flavours are wholesome and gives you comfort whenever need a little pick-me-up after a terrible day.

If nasi lemak is not our favourite food of all time, why would we be searching for it when we go abroad and when we come back from overseas?

Good point to consider, huh?

Our Favourite Kind of Nasi Lemak Is…

In today’s age, a packet of ordinary nasi lemak is not enough. We need to make our beloved dish be commercialised and known to the world! Recently, our lion neighbour who has been battling for the copyright of nasi lemak with us, comes out with a new version of nasi lemak; a nasi lemak burger that has made everyone go crazy over them!

I just want to make one point though, if it is a nasi lemak burger, why not replace the buns with the rice ones?

Nonetheless, we applaud their efforts of making nasi lemak their very own thing. However, we know deep down that their burger cannot compete with our nasi lemak KitKat, nasi lemak cake and nasi lemak ice-cream etcetera, etcetera… but solid effort from them.

Kudos to you for trying to make nasi lemak yours but we know who makes the best nasi lemak.


So, after this article, do you still stand firm to your decision? If so, do share with us and let us know what is your favourite version of nasi lemak in the comment section below!

Azrene Jasmine

Azrene Jasmine is a Penangite with a stomach of gold. Though currently she is in a love/hate relationship with the weighing scale, Azrene truly believes that every woman should choose a hunk of juicy steak over a bowl of salad on the first date because steaks are awesome and what man can resist a woman with a healthy appetite?

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