7 Exciting Ribena Recipes to Try Before Your Ribena Goes Bad

Ribena: the luscious, fascinating nectar of our childhood – the one drink waiting for you in the afternoon after school. Made with 100% blackcurrants from New Zealand, with no artificial flavouring, colouring nor sweetener, it is packed with quite the punch!

Whether you have it for breakfast or after dinner, it is always a right time for this delicious blackcurrant drink. You can adjust the usage of the cordial according to your liking, combining it with other ingredients to create a great team of cohesive taste.

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With the news of some batches of Ribena being withdrawn due to manufacturing error during the bottling process, it leads to a possibility of early deterioration in quality before the expiry date. However, fear not, you don’t have to immediately drink your liter of Ribena or throw it away.

Do note that these recipes are only for your old Ribena bottles, and not for those you just bought recently. The following Ribena variants must not be used for these recipes with the specific expiry dates from its warehouse, distributors and retailers:

  • Blackcurrant Regular (May to August 2018)
  • Blackcurrant and Glucose (May to August 2018)
  • Blackcurrant and Strawberry (February to March 2018)
  • Blackcurrant and Blueberry (February to March 2018)
  • Blackcurrant and Apple (April to May 2018).

For Ribena bottles that you bought that carries a different expiry date, have fun go mad with these recipes! Let’s roll up our sleeves and kick it up a notch through these exciting ideas on how you can enjoy your old Ribena cordial drinks.


1. Apam Mekar Ribena

Credit: homemadedoorgiftmelaka.blogspot.my

No ovens? No problem! This apam mekar is so soft and light, the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea. As Malaysians, you probably remember coming home from school to this treat, and it’s about time you add a little twist to your childhood food and make them for your loved ones.

It may look like a blooming rose, but it’s even better cause it’s deliciously edible!


2. Ribena Marshmallow

If there is anything more pleasurable than biting into a homemade marshmallow – one that is so fluffy you feel like you’re nibbling on a cloud, that would be Ribena marshmallow.

The confection is surprisingly easy to make at home, using grocery store ingredients and stand mixer.Make sure to save some for yourself before other sweet tooth chows them down.


3. Ribena Longan Popsicles

To combat the scorching summer heat and provide our bodies (and yours) some semblance of relief, you can make Ribena Longan Popsicles —sweet, refreshing, and will rejuvenate you right back up from your heat-exhausted dehydrated soul.

You can even tweak the recipe in accordance of your favorite fruits because what can go wrong with Ribena?


4. Marbled Ribena No Bake Cheesecake

Credit: mummychen.blogspot.my

This no bake cheesecake is bursting with the right balance of different flavors – sweetness, sourness, and tanginess. Hinted with a buttery crunch of your favorite biscuit, this irresistible cheesecake can be made ahead of time.

The gorgeous swirled marble effect is a brownie point for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is definitely a showstopper at dinnertime.


5. Ribena Glazed Smoked Duck Breast

The first thing that must have popped up on your mind would be: Ribena and smoked duck? Are you on the right mind? But some things just go so well together unexpectedly; it will be listed it as your to-go-to recipe.

With only Ribena, smoked duck breast, honey, Dijon mustard and smoked paprika, there’s no reason for you not to try this out for dinner!


6. Japanese Cold Soba with Ribena Cordial

Even if you are a beginner in the kitchen, this dish is one of the simplest forms of noodles dishes to execute. Even better, it is fuss-free, with the only cooking technique needed is boiling.

Using all your favorite ingredients from proteins to fibers, squeeze lemon juice and a tablespoon or two of Ribena cordial to your dish. Voila, a perfectly refreshing meal with hints of tanginess and sweetness.


7. Ribena Yogurt Smoothie

Credit: dingoozatfood.blogspot.my

This three ingredients yogurt smoothie is the perfect healthy drink for everyone of all ages. Whether as an energy boost to start the day or an extra shot of vitamin, you can have it whenever you like.

Considering fresh blackberries are rare in the eyes of Malaysians, Ribena is a perfect substitute for this creamy smoothie to please your blackberries cravings. For extra texture, you can even top it with nutritious oats, crunchy granola, and fresh fruits.



Now that you know, when life gives you Ribena, experiment instead with different ingredients. All in all, the options are just limitless! Interestingly, one can great creative with Ribena and chances of it being successful are high.

Share with us your creation or of you have tried any recipes with Ribena, please do share it with us cause we’re just as excited to try it as you are!

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