10 Creative Ideas To Reuse Your Leftover Cookies

Christmas celebrations may be coming to an end, but I’m pretty sure most jars of delicious cookies have yet to reach the bottom yet. Most of your holiday cookies surely are still in abundant and let’s be honest here, we can only eat so much cookies before getting a little nauseated.

So, what if no one will finish them and they’ll eventually masuk angin and become inedible? Well, there’s actually plenty of creative methods to upcycle your cookies and turn them into a brand new dish, drink or dessert!

Here are 5 of the easiest ways to reuse and salvage your cookies:


1. Make a jar of jam

Raya Leftover Cookies

Now to those who have plenty of of pineapple tart left, this is easy peasy. Just scoop out the pineapple jam from the tart and place in a container. Mixed it with tiny drops of hot water to dissolve the jam slightly, but remember to taste it as you’re mixing to ensure that the water is not dissolving too much of the pineapple jam’s sweetness. Once that is done, put the container in the refrigerator and let it rest for the night. And by the next morning, you’ll have yourself a jar of pineapple jam to spread on your toast!


2. Turn tarts to pie crusts

Raya Leftover Cookies

With your left over jam-less pineapple tarts, or if you have any other cookies with tarts in them, you can actually turn them into some tasty pie crusts. Take as many of the tarts that you like, crush and mash them together while adding some butter to the crushed tarts. Then place them on a baking tray and shape them into any shape you’d like. Load it with your desired fillings and tadaa! You’ve just made yourself a super quick pie. See, easy as pie, isn’t it?


3.  Blend a cookie milkshake

Raya Leftover Cookies

Now, this is possibly the simplest thing you can do with your leftover cookies. Add milk and your desired cookies in a blender (usually chocolate-based cookies work best for this). Blend the ingredients together with crushed ice. And presto, your very own milkshake topped with your favorite Raya cookies!


4. Creamy cookie trifles in a cup

Raya Leftover Cookies
Credit: Flickr.com/brooke

If you’re craving for some fluffy creamy goodness, this tip will be perfect for you! Other than your leftover cookies, you’ll need a few extra things to complete this trifle, such as berries and fresh crème. Add the cookies in the first (and bottom) layer followed by the fresh crème. Repeat the steps till your cup is almost full. For some colour, add in a few different types of berries like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They go great with cream!


5. Creative cookie croutons for salads

Raya Leftover Cookies

For a unique taste, why not try making cookie croutons to mix with your next bowl of salad? These cookies crumbles will enhance the salad’s flavour by giving you a crunchy yet soft texture of a cookie with hints of sugar. Aside from using biscuit croutons as garnish for salad, it could also be added in soups and oatmeal for a uniquely wholesome flavour!


6. Make cookie pops

Raya Leftover Cookies

I am sure you have heard of cake pop, a round-shape cake dipped in sauces of your choice and set it to freeze. Well, it is basically the same thing with a cookie but first one should crumble the cookies and add in butter to make it into a round shape. Then, dipped the round shaped cookie in your choice of sauce (mine will always be white chocolate sauce) and set in the refrigerator to freeze. Once it is set, take it out and savour it.


7. Pudding cookies like no other

Raya Leftover Cookies

Another way of salvaging the leftover cookies is to mix in with a pudding. These steps do not require any blending nor crumbles of the cookies. All you need to do is to alternate the cookies with the puddings. The mixture of these heavenly ingredients will definitely give a new flavour to the usual pudding cookies.


8. Ice cream and cookies

Raya Leftover Cookies
Credit: Flickr.com/stone-soup

Love ice cream? Then this is a must-try! Repeat the same steps to make a cookie milkshake, then mix the ingredients in an ice cream container and freeze it. It’s super easy and works like magic! I do advise to not mix more than one type of cookie flavour and to use ice cream flavours like vanilla or chocolate. For certain type of cookies, even yam-flavoured ice cream could work pretty well. I’ll leave that part to you to experiment.


9. Bread pudding made with cookies

Raya Leftover Cookies
Credit: Flickr.com/haynes

To those who are feeling adventurous and want to try something fun then cookie bread pudding is something you could try with your leftover cookies. The steps to the recipe are simple, just follow when you are making bread butter pudding but instead of using your normal bread, use cookies instead. It makes for a unique flavour through the mixture of the sweet and savoury.


10. Cookie crumble topping for ice cream

Raya Leftover Cookies
Credit: Flickr.com/jhritz

A simple single scope of ice cream will be just an ordinary ice cream but once you add in a few crumbs of your leftover cookies, it’s like eating two of your most favourite things at the same time. If you have vanilla ice cream, try sprinkling with a chocolate-based cookie, or if you’re more into chocolate ice cream, try adding crumbles of delicious butter cookies. Try experimenting with different types of Raya cookie toppings on top of different ice cream flavours.


So, there you go! We hope Butterkicap’s suggestions on what to do with your leftover cookies will give you new ideas to experiment with! If you decide to give any (or all) of it a go, tell us how it turns out by sharing your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #butterkicap.

Y. Helmy

Yusof Helmy is a lover of all things rainbow; be it from rainbow cupcakes to rainbow bagels. He believes that in order to enjoy and love food, one must throw the weighting scale in the trash and eat those who say that you are on the fluffier side ( He practise cannibalism sometimes ). He is on the journey of finding his joie de vivre.

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