3 Forest Variations Flavours from Nespresso You Have to Experience it Yourself

3 Forest Variations Flavours from Nespresso You Have to Experience it Yourself.

Having a good cup of coffee is pure joy. These days, you can quickly treat yourself to specialty coffee using nifty machines like Nespresso. You pair it with freshly made roti jala or a bee hoon goreng. It’s so satisfying. Here, we’ll share with you our experience of three forest variations from Nespresso and why you should experience it for yourself too.

Seeing that it’s December, we thought that festive coffees like Nespresso’s limited edition ‘Gifts of the Forest’ collection are worth a try. The collection results from Nespresso’s partnership with Colombian luxury fashion designer Johanna Ortiz

Setting up the Nespresso

Nespresso is also a well-known global brand with millions of customers worldwide. This sleek coffee machine is portable, light, and quickly set up in a few minutes. You’ll probably see it in most homes and offices. 

It took us all 3 minutes to set up and assemble the Nespresso machine. So easy. All you need is some space and a power plug nearby. Once assembled, detach the water tank, fill it with water and switch it on. 

Forest Almond Flavour

Forest Almond Flavor, meet our favourite kopitiam cup!

For our first coffee experience, we picked the Forest Almond Flavour and began by popping the capsule into the machine and pressing the full cup button. The Nespresso machine whirred to life, releasing a light coffee aroma into the air as it filled the cup. 

This one tastes like a surprising medium-roast coffee with an earthy, smoky flavour. There was also a sweet almond aftertaste on the finish. 

The bottom line: It is a smooth and drinkable cup. The acidity isn’t overwhelming. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, we would rate it 7 out 10. 

Forest Fruit Flavour

We love how that froth looks.

The forest fruit flavour had a robust aroma with a pleasant roasted scent. We found that it tasted sweeter than the forest almond flavour, with an artificial berry-like zing and sweetness in tandem with a touch of bitterness. The sweetness reminded us sugus sweets for some reason. It also had some acidity and is pleasantly frothy. 

The bottom line: If sweet coffee is your thing, the forest fruit flavor serves better as a dessert coffee. It has a lingering berry aftertaste. Most of us prefer less sweet coffees, so we’ll be rating it 6 out of 10.

Forest Black

Coffee that you can rely on.

The forest black was our favorite, and it got high marks in this taste test. It reminds us of coffee you could drink every day with a decent body that lingers on the tongue nicely. There’s a light bitter aftertaste, a solid generic coffee that you’d expect.  

It’s a perfect coffee to start the day, and we found that it also works well if you want to make it an affogato coffee. We tried it with vanilla ice cream in this taste test, and it was quite a treat.

The bottom line: It’s a good coffee for caffeine addicts at the office. A basic black coffee that is as what you would expect. We would rate this 7 out of 10. 

Final thoughts

We brewed all three forest variation flavors from Nespresso according to instructions and tasted them, evaluating them accordingly. Overall, it is a pleasant experience with the machine being easily set up, and the packages and containers being easy to open. The downside is that Nespresso coffee capsules seem wasteful, as they can only serve one cup at once to retain the best flavour. Nevertheless, we were thrilled to learn then Nespresso capsules are recyclable. The aluminum can be extracted and repurposed for another packaging, and you can recycle the coffee grounds naturally.   

If you’re also trying their festive “Gifts of the Forest” collection, please share your experience with us by tagging us at @butterkicap and @nespresso.my using the hashtags #NespressoFestive, #GiftsOfTheForest, #NespressoMY, #NespressoxJohannaOrtiz.

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