A Day at Mommy’s Table: Recipes & Reminiscences

Credit: Efi Jasmi

When it comes to my favourite dishes of Mom, I have to admit that it is hard for me to pinpoint which ones I like best. All of Mom’s food are close to my heart and reminds me of her every single time I eat them. For me, that is what food should be. A constant reminder of home, happy moments and Mom.

Mom was a superwoman. She has never thought of cooking as a chore but a therapy for her worn out soul especially when watching us eat. After working the whole week, Mom will go all out to pamper us with her cooking magic and love. When the weekend comes, all I could think of is Mom’s weekend menu that we have always waited eagerly for, every week.  Until today, I still do. Here are some of the delightful dishes that Mom will prepare from breakfast till supper for us and Baba.




Credit: Efi Jasmi

This was Mum’s breakfast served on a lazy Sunday. She worked 5 days a week – and so breakfast was never a meal, we had the luxury to enjoy as a family, except on weekends!

Maprom was one of Nenek’s legacy recipes and resembles the Middle Eastern dish “Sabsuka”. Nenek had a wide social circle which included friends from the Arab community, most probably the source of this recipe. Maprom has all the rich Arabian flavours with a subtle touch of Malaysian in it. Maprom is delicious to eat with all kinds of bread and suitable for those who has a milder palette.

Want to try it out? Get the recipe here.



Credit: Efi Jasmi

Lepat is a much sought-after open house dish during Raya. It is rice cooked in rich coconut milk and wrapped up delicately in banana leaf and enjoyed (quite like nasi lemak) with sambal tumis udang, boiled egg, serunding and sometimes, opor/kurma ayam.

As Lepat requires a 4-hour of laborious steaming process, apart from Raya, Mom would only ever make Lepat the day before Dad was due to arrive home from a business trip.

To us, Lepat has always been associated with happy reunions!



Credit: Efi Jasmi

The best thing to have right after your afternoon Saturday nap is Mum’s regular Mee Siam Singapore. This is the must-serve dish for guests who drop in for tea. Usually, Mom will serve it hot from the wok with a side of Singapore’s famous triangular currypuffs. Why Mom’s mee hoon is loved by all is because of the generous portion of shrimps Mum will put in the dish. It is like finding a delicious seafood treasure everytime I lift my fork into my mouth.

Don’t believe me? Why not make it yourself? Get the recipe here.


Credit: Efi Jasmi

One of my fondest memories of Mom is when she would make us eat our veggies even without forcing us. Mom knew this and she had a way to make sure we eat healthily. Mom’s tauhu goreng is the epitome of deliciousness and her tauhu! Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.

If you are in a need to get fit but always  need to watch out your diet, this is the perfect start for you! Get the recipe here.


Credit: Alia Shahnaz

This marble cake was a regular Saturday tea cake served warm as soon as Dad got home from work (Mom worked for an Australian firm 5 days a week and was able to spend Saturday mornings cooking, usually to the music of Nat King Cole or Broery Marantika 🙂

Feeling nostalgic? Put on some 60’s jazz and enjoy it with a slice of this old-time favourite. Get the recipe here.



Credit: Efi Jasmi

Selada is a true crowd pleaser, it’s an oversized bergedil (beef and potato patty) served in a warm beef stew on a bed of mashed potatoes, with ringlets of cucumber and sliced boiled eggs. This dish always amazed me of how simple ingredients can make a wonderful explosion of flavours that tease the senses. Have a taste of Selada by trying it here.



Credit: Efi Jasmi

This sinfully delicious dish gives you the comfort just when you need a pick-me-up. Mom used to serve this much love Portuguese dish with a side of French bread. Get a taste of the “dark side” and be seduced by the rich flavours.



Credit: Alia Shahnaz

Papaya Pie? Mom was an experimental cook and her experiments were always delicious. No wonder, the Papaya Pie was Mom’s award winning recipe which she submitted for a contest to promote the launch of 2 products..no prizes for guessing which 🙂

Want a little taste of Mom’s pie? Get the recipe here.


There you go!  A complete menu for a relaxing, fun-filled weekend for you to try at home and create your own memories of your own with your loved ones. Let us know how the dishes taste like. Hope my Mom’s legacy will continue to live on for younger generations of Malaysians to enjoy.





Salwah Abdul Shukor

Salwah was raised with love, good food and lively conversations at her Mother's Table in a Malay-Indonesian-Eurasian-Portugese household constantly hosting guests eager to sample her mother's cooking and her grandmother's recipes. Before she started legal practice, her food adventure was a cake delivery start-up with a good friend which survived with only 2 product lines, moist chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake and a core value that the business must be a Butter-Only zone. She remains an avid baker and tries her best to continue her mother's table legacy.  She believes Malaysians are blessed with the best palate and her passion for good food is infectious, often inspiring everyone at Butterkicap to try as many food experiences as possible.

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