How to Make Delicious Selada


“Selada is a true crowd pleaser, it’s an oversized bergedil (beef and potato patty) served in a warm beef stew on a bed of mashed potatoes, with ringlets of cucumber and sliced boiled eggs.”

~ A Day At Mummy’s Table: Recipes & Reminiscences


Selada is a Banjar dish that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s likeness to stew makes it a comfort food like no other. If you crave for a taste of Indonesia, instead of making ayam penyet or other common Indonesian dishes, try making Selada.



  • Buah pelaga (cardamon)
  • Kayu manis (cinnamon)
  • Jintan manis (aniseed)
  • Lada putih (white pepper)
  • Ginger

*(All the above to be pounded)


  1. Fry the pounded ingredients in hot oil.
  2. Add water.
  3. Add kicap.
  4. Add slices of beef.
  5. Once cooked, to assemble – place bergedil over a bed of mashed potatoes
  6. Scatter cucumber, sliced into rings, and sliced boiled eggs around the bergedil.
  7. Pour over the hot beef stew.
  8. Break kropok blinjai into pieces over the mixture.





Salwah Abdul Shukor

Salwah was raised with love, good food and lively conversations at her Mother's Table in a Malay-Indonesian-Eurasian-Portugese household constantly hosting guests eager to sample her mother's cooking and her grandmother's recipes. Before she started legal practice, her food adventure was a cake delivery start-up with a good friend which survived with only 2 product lines, moist chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake and a core value that the business must be a Butter-Only zone. She remains an avid baker and tries her best to continue her mother's table legacy.  She believes Malaysians are blessed with the best palate and her passion for good food is infectious, often inspiring everyone at Butterkicap to try as many food experiences as possible.

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