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What day is it? It’s an ‘add to the cart’ kind of day! If you ask a fellow Malaysian what their biggest budget busters are, 90% will say it all goes to their stomach. In fact, Malaysians literally eat through their income, knowingly spending more than they probably should.

It’s understandable though, considering we’re all pretty much culinary enthusiasts hopping from one hip food scene to another. Well, do you think your favourite shop is giving you the best deal there is? Tagline after tagline, we have heard of them all! Everyone is claiming to have the lowest prices, with some going so far as to guarantee the claim.

So much information, so little time to stress over who is claiming to give the best deal. Weekdays are meant for work while weekends are meant for getaways and relaxation, not price comparing and matching, right?

Don’t worry anymore, we’ve compiled a list that will make your life so much easier! Now you don’t have to compromise your weekend schedule googling through best offers. Here is a list of platforms that will help you do just that.


1. SmartShopper Malaysia

They have helped more than 500,000 Malaysians to save money since 2013 by planning a smarter grocery shopping list. If you are not one of them, it’s about time you are. All you need to do is identify the products you intend to buy and sit back.

Smart Shopper Malaysia saving planers will do the rest by advising you on the best retailer that will save you the most today. Before you know it, a couple of clicks will easily save your RM100 a month. From grocery products to personal care toiletries, you know where to shop today!


2. Ringgit Plus

Ringgit Plus is your personal finance superhero. As a leading comparison website in Malaysia, they make it so easy for you to make the right choices. This go-to website helps you get the best out of your money, whether you’re applying for a personal loan, credit card, mortgage, discounts from mobile service providers and even supermarkets to name a few.

Don’t miss out experiencing this service because they will also teach you how to manage your money with their collection of how-to manuals and online tutorials. It’s a hands-on application – all the lessons are directly put into practice on the website!



3. HungryGoWhere Malaysia

Do you want to know what, when and where the best places to eat are in Malaysia? HungryGoWhere Malaysia is your online kaki makan. They will help you discover the best of the best restaurants in Malaysia, flavour and taste wise. How? Well, they highlight the best dining promotions out there from the best restaurants, cafes, and street hawkers in Malaysia.

All you need is to book, dine and save a dime! No vouchers and prepayment required. Even more, you will possibly unearth great recipes and places to eat from their food guide. Follow and find out where food bloggers and experts are eating!


4. Fave Kuala Lumpur

Fave doesn’t wants you to miss out on the best deals and promotions in your city. You can browse and buy the best restaurant and food deals to feast on or choose from their therapeutic massage and spa deals to help you relax on over the weekend.

Are you looking for more? Get instant savings up to 70% (yes, no typing errors here!) on fitness studios, haircuts, holidays and travel, and much more great things to do in our lovely city. Everyone can now browse, buy and redeem seamlessly while simultaneously saving money. Start saving now!

W: Fave Kuala Lumpur


5. Big Sale

Did you hear about the big sale in Big Sale? Say yes to that! Big Sale is a promotion platform which guides consumers in saving money and time by connecting consumers with brands and retailers.

They recommend the best daily deals, promotions, warehouse sales, mega sock clearance and coupons from an abundance of e-commerce stores and offline retailers. Then they deliver the information to the users based on their preferences. Life is exciting with them around because you can now save with your fingertips.


6. Cuponation

If you’re wondering where to find the best destination for all your saving needs, the answer would be Cuponation. Online shopping is so easy and can be so much fun that before you know it, your shopping cart is full. Well, Cuponation brings you a planned approach to save more on all your online shopping indulgences from a list of reliable retailers, local and international.

They strive to help you find various saving opportunities at one place – from fashion, food, kitchenware, medical supplies, baby products, health, electronics and much more! What are you waiting for? Start redeeming now without a hitch!


7. Offpeak

If high peak hours is something you often worry about, with the site Off Peak it should now be the least of your worries because every hour is off-peak with them! Diners can save money and time by booking their favourite restaurants available in their directory online. Simply book and enjoy unlimited discounts anytime, any day immediately.

There is no such thing as waiting for the right deal or coupon to come by anymore because everything is available on a daily basis instantly. Start saving  when you dine at your favourite restaurants and always enjoy great discounts.


8. Milkadeal

If you don’t fancy milking a cow so much, perhaps Milkadeal will intrigue you. Why? Well, they give back to customers. Every time you purchase from a website or store listed on their Milkadeal, you will get cash back! If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Based on the money they get from your visit to the other website; they are more than happy to share a percentage of it with you.

Their passion is bringing value to consumers by helping one another, even if it’s just a tiny bit. They have and will always stay true to their beliefs to continue bringing great deals and savings to you!


9. Shopback

Shopback might be young, but they have been on fire; growing very fast since they launched! They are creating a world of smarter shoppers by exposing them to smarter choices. Your online shopping experience will be enhanced here.

You’ll have access to a whole range of exclusive codes and offers from a whole variety of shops, from fashion to travel. You can sign up for free, shop at any store and earn cashback which will be deposited to your bank. As simple as that!


10. iPrice

If you’re thinking about shopping, then iPrice should pop up! In today’s world, shopping can get a little confusing with the number of online stores popping up. But in iPrice, they provide hundreds of products and brand across Southeast Asia in one shopping website. Not only that, they give consumers the benefit of being able to compare prices and access to fantastic coupon deals!

Quality should be the least of your worries because they ensure a stringent selection process in acquiring partners to make sure of a safe shopping environment. With a click of a button, you can now search, compare and purchase a product at mind blowing deals!




We know you could give up shopping, but if you need to then why not get the best deal! Don’t let the clock tick another second. It’s shopping o’clock, and we all need a weekly dose of online shopping therapy. No more Monday blues because your weekend shopping should probably arrive any minute now.

What is your favourite online shopping websites to get the best deals? Share and comment down below!

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