Cook with Aunty

Join our cooking classes with Aunty at home in TTDI/Sg Penchala or at the kebun, a little orchard, in Sg Buloh, Malaysia.
Prices start at RM100 per pax.

What is this?

The Cook with Aunty series of workshops is part of Butterkicap's iniative to save Malaysian Heritage recipes by sharing knowledge and connecting people.

What we'll do

We'll meet at Aunty's family home or at a kebun (little orchard) in the Klang Valley. Begin with homemade tea or coffee before proceeding into her kitchen. This is where you will inherit two to five of her recipes through a hands-on cooking experience. We will end the session with a delicious homecooked feast.

What we'll provide

You will cook with ingredients bought fresh from the market and a Malay lunch experience, including coffee and tea. Aunty will also share her kampung stories where she cooked alongside her mother.

How often are the sessions?

Home sessions on Thursday, 10.30am (3 hours).
Kebun (little orchard) sessions on Saturday, Dec 22nd at 10am (4 hours).

How many pax per session?

Max 8 pax at home
Max 15 pax at the kebun (little orchard). Registration is open.

Who is this workshop for?

Aunty welcomes all foodies, explorers, aspiring cooks or simply those just looking to make new friends.

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Aunty Zah



Home-cook extraordinaire, Aunty Zah exudes warmth and comfort. Trained the old-fashioned way - by playing in her mother’s kitchen and learning from friends and family willing to share their recipes - she loves nothing more than spreading her knowledge of cooking to others so that they may carry on the tradition of good home cooking.

Being the wife of a diplomat, cooking and teaching others about Malaysia has become second nature. After all, what better way to celebrate Malaysia than through our food! She has entertained and cooked for foreign dignitaries and hosted events that bring a little bit of home to hundreds of Malaysians living overseas. With decades worth of cooking experience under her belt, you can be assured of learning from someone with stories to tell and knowledge to impart.




Aunty Zah’s Recipes and Stories





Cook at Aunty Zah's Home
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Featured Classes
Essential Malay Cooking

3 hour class. Includes conversation, food and cooking. RM 100 per pax (Limited to a group of 8)

Kelas 3 jam. Termasuk sesi sembang sambil belajar, makan dan memasak. RM95 setiap seorang (Terhad untuk 8 peserta).

Classic Malay Rice Meals (Coming Soon)

3 hour class. Includes conversation, food and cooking. RM110 per pax (Limited to a group of 8).

Kelas 3 jam. Termasuk sesi sembang sambil belarjar, makan dan memasak. RM108 setiap seorang (Terhad untuk 8 peserta).

Pisang Kampung Workshop at the Kebun
mashed banana fritters

4 hour class. Includes tour of the kebun (little orchard), short talk and cooking workshop. RM150 per pax (Limited to a group of 15).

Kelas 4 jam. Termasuk lawatan Kebun, sesi sembang sambil belajar dan bengkel memasak. RM200 setiap seorang (Terhad untuk 15 peserta).

Aunty Zah's Classes
Essential Malay Cooking @RM100/Pax
Session Closed

We Malaysians love our breakfast. Learn how to make a classics morning meal like Roti Canai with Dhal. End on a sweet note with Banana Sago.
• Roti Canai (Malaysian-style Paratha)
• Dhal
• Pengat Pisang (Banana Sago)

Lunch or Dinner
Session Closed

If you want a meal that is comforting and warm, noodles sounds about right. Mee Tomato is an addictive classic that will have you coming back for more. End on a sweet note with Ondeh-ondeh.
• Mee Tomato (Tomato Noodles)
• Ondeh-ondeh (Malaysian Pandan Mochi)

Tea Time
Session Closed

If you're looking for simple recipes that will wow anyone, start with this duo that's perfect for tea time. Beautiful Roti Jala, also known as lace pancakes, with delicious chicken curry.
• Roti Jala (Lace Pancakes)
• Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry)

Sweet & Savoury
Session Closed

Malaysians love all the meals in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Absolute favourites include Kuih Bakar and Karipap. Something sweet and something savoury, just the way we like it.
• Kuih Bakar (Pandan Coconut Custard)
• Karipap (Curry Puffs)

Note: Classes are 10.30am to 1.30pm. Min 4 pax - max 8 pax per class.
Private sessions available with min pax. Email to enquire.
Pisang Kampung Workshop.
Kebun Visit & Cooking @RM150/Pax
Private sessions available with min pax
Did You Know?

Malaysia has more than 16 varieties of bananas! From Pisang Tanduk, which can measure the length of your arm, to Pisang Mas, which looks like plump fingers. With all the choices, it’s not surprising we have so many recipes involving bananas.

A Different Experience

Learn about our bananas and make five different dishes involving bananas. At the same time, enjoy the grounds where we have several types of fruits and herbs growing. Feel free to also visit our family of goats and chickens.

Enjoy a Kampung Feast

Learn about the varieties of bananas available. Get a closer look at 8 - 10 different types of bananas. Cook 5 banana dishes: Pisang Goreng, Cekodok, Lepat Pisang, Pengat Pisang and Pisang Rebus. Enjoy tea, coffee and a light meal.

Tour the Kebun

A tour of the kebun (little orchard) introducing you to a variety of fruits trees including rambutan, ciku, mulberries, lime, kedondong and cempedak. Feel free to pluck and eat fruits that are ripe. (Note: Fruits are seasonal). You can also meet our goats and chickens.

Note: Available only for groups of min 4 to max 15 pax. Email:
Classes Coming Soon
Classic Malay Rice Meals for Beginners @RM110/Pax
Week 1: Coconut Rice

We love a heavy breakfast but then again, we eat this dish pretty much any time of the day. Learn how to make Malaysia's favourite breakfast classic - nasi lemak with chili sambal and fried anchovies.
• Coconut Rice (Nasi Lemak)
• Fried Anchovies (Ikan Bilis)
• Boiled or fried eggs
• Steamed kangkong
• Sambal

Week 2: Tomato Rice

Good tomato rice is not easy to find. Learn how to make a really good one so you never have to go searching when you're craving. Naturally, what goes better with tomato rice than chicken korma and pineapple cucumber salad.
• Tomato Rice (Nasi Tomato)
• Korma Chicken (Chicken Korma)
• Pineapple cucumber salad (Jelatah

Week 3: Ghee Rice

Typical Malay weddings will serve ghee rice. Nothing beats a home-made version with all the added extras of yoghurt, nuts and corn. Yum. It's perfect with meaty dishes such as rendang.
• Ghee Rice (Nasi Bawang)
• Chili Tomato Chicken (Ayam Masak Merah)

Week 4: Bangla Rice

If you're looking for a one pot meal, this Bangla Rice fits the bill. One pot fits all. Top with yoghurt and fried shallots for a perfect plate.
• Bangla Rice (Nasi Bangla)
• Spiced chicken
• Fried shallots
• Pineapple Curry (Pajeri Nenas)

Note: Classes conducted from 10.30am - 1.30pm. Min 4 pax - max 8 pax per week.
Private sessions available. Email to enquire.
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Pisang Workshop at the Kebun
with Aunty Zah
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