The Most Bizarre and Unique Popcorn Flavours You Have Ever Tasted

Do you ever wonder why do we eat popcorn at the movies? Well, it’s never a written rule, but it never feels quite right without it. For as long as I know, popcorn and movies go so well together like cookies and milk. Movie theatres are supposed to tempt you with the smell of butter and caramel. But it turns out that movie theatres didn’t use to be as it is now today.

Back then, movie theatres appealed the upper-class clientele who wanted nothing to do with popcorn – it would ruin the supposedly beautiful carpets, and rugs just like how a real theatre looked like. It was only until the great depression that movies and popcorn presented an excellent opportunity for a cheap diversion.

Eventually, movie theatre owners came to a realisation that concessions were the ticket to higher profits and by 1945, over half of the popcorn consumed in America was eaten at movie theatres.

Later on, theatres would even debut commercials to lure moviegoers into checking out the snacks in the lobby. One of the most famous would be the 40-second advertisement “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” in 1957 that is now preserved in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress due to its cultural and historical value.

And the rest is… history. Thank God for movie theatres popcorn! Today, movie theatres are reinventing popcorn in a fun way by featuring different gourmet popcorns pops up every now and then in movie theatres. It goes beyond the mainstream barbecue flavor but rather, experiments with different bizarre flavors like durian! If that isn’t bizarre enough for you, would these movie theatres popcorn flavors be?


1. Aloha Coconut

It’s only a surprise if none has done it before. Malaysians put coconut milk in most of their dishes so why not infusing coconut to our popcorn? It’s only natural that we should put them together. How it tastes so good right out of the paper bag is still a mystery!


2. Roselle


Having roselle in a popcorn is indeed a flowery experience, a perfect accompaniment to melodrama movies. It’s tart flavour, almost similar to those of a plum and raspberry, compliments the sugar-coated popcorn which gives the popcorn a different sensation. It’s sweet at the first bite but a little sour the next.


3. Golden Mango

When the mango is in season, why would we not want to add it to our popcorn? Introducing the golden mango popcorn, this is precisely what you’re looking for. Something sweet, crunchy and refreshing. It takes two to tango – popcorn and mango!


4. Satay Popcorn


Who says you only eat popcorn but not satay in a movie theatre? Well, a genius decided to infuse the rich exotic blend of satay spices and flavors into the popcorn. So there we had a creamy and nutty taste of satay spice and sauces.


5. Garlic Toast

The typical movie snacking experience is about to be taken to a whole new level with Garlic Toast popcorn. All the flavors of the addictive garlic bread – parsley, basil, oregano, garlic, and butter are mixed into the popped corn kernel. Probably won’t last even before the movie starts.


6. Lychee Blueberry


Are you on a fruit diet? This might be the one for you. The bright tang of lemon zest and juice mingled with the sweet blueberries makes these popcorns worth going to the theatres for. It will keep you refresh and wide awake the whole movie!


7. Pizza

Eating pizza in a movie theatre can be a little hectic and messy. We got a solution for that – a mashup of the year, pizza popcorn! It’s all the flavors in a pizza on a popped corn kernels. Tangy tomato, aromatic basil, oregano or hot pepper flakes, you name it!


8. Bananalicious


Just the thought of it is very apeeling already. You’ve tried the banana cake, banana splits, and pisang goreng. What you haven’t tried is the exotic flavor of banana in a light and fluffy popcorn which gives just the right amount of sensations. Who doesn’t go bananas for a banana?


9. Magic Masala

Are you up for a Bollywood night? If you are, we can’t miss out on the Indian twist on the popcorn as well! Nothing beats a good Bollywood movie with a cup of magic masala popcorn for more spectacular feels. After all, when you watch Bollywood, it’s all or nothing.


10. Tom Yum


If you love spicy food, you’d be more than delighted to appreciate the tom yum popcorn. The hot and sour flavour tastes just as authentic as the soup, except that there’s no liquid there! You can eat them on the car, theatre, on the go or anywhere – don’t have to be afraid of spilling the soup anymore. Your taste bud will be tantalised with the citrus essence of fresh lime, fiery bird’s eye chilies, and aromatic spices!


11. Seaweed Wasabi

The tongue tingling, nose-tickling kick of flavor is the taste of Japan in one bite. Not a big fan of wasabi? This popcorn might change your mind! While the seaweed adds a hit of umami deliciousness to the popcorn, the wasabi adds traces of wonderful spiciness which complements the popcorn just perfect. The little sharp flavor will make you forget it.., not.


12. Cereal and Butter Caramel


I love myself some cereal, but I love butter caramel even more. Caramelised and buttery, sweet yet salty, it intrigues your sense of taste buds but never actually figure it out. It’s the most addictive popcorn flavour wherein when you start eating; you wouldn’t know when to stop.


13. Real Durian

Some hate it. Some love it. When the durian isn’t on the season, and you’re craving for it so bad, you can munch on some durian coated light popcorn to fix it. It’s the easiest yet closest way to get a bite of the legendary king of fruits which will take you back to your childhood memories.



By the way, are these popcorns related to Yoda? Because its Yodalicious. You know what I’m talking about here. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming out on the 14th of December! Which popcorn are you getting that day? I know you’re drooling already reading this! What is the most bizarre and unique popcorn flavor that you have ever tasted? Was it a yay or a nay?

Regina Wiriadinata

Hello there, pleasure to meat you.. oops, I mean meet. Hunger tends to get the best of me, which happens almost 24/7. You can probably find me at a gelateria, holding triple scoops of gelato in a cone. Please donut talk about my diet because I always end up with a slice of cake at the end of the day.

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