5 Malaysian Hantu-Inspired Halloween Treats

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Halloween isn’t well-received in Malaysia and I think we all know why. We grew up on scary stories like pontianak, hantu pocong and langsuir that we barely even bat an eye when it comes to westernized ideals of ghosts. But what if instead of (unscary) ghosts in blankets and two holes for eyes, we celebrate Halloween with ghosts from our local folklore and tales? 

Having said that, what would the pastries look like if the occasion was celebrated in Malaysia? I know we have better ghosts, so it’s possible that we could host even scarier Halloween parties. Before that happens, here’s a list of what the dessert bar could look like. Caution: Not for the faint-hearted.

1. Pocong Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are crowd pleasers. They are well-liked by people of all ages. However, sugar cookies shaped and decorated into hantu pocong? Astounding! They will definitely hop out among other pastries on the table. This legendary hopping ghost will creep anyone out. Though the taste of the cookies do not necessarily have to have the same reaction.

These cookies could be shaped into a pocong, covered in white to mimic the garments of a the walking dead or in this case, the jumping dead.

2. Toyol Onde-Onde

What good is a Malaysian Halloween celebration without onde-onde? Can you think of a Malaysian ghost that also comes in green? The iconic, money-stealing toyol of course. Combining the two together seems befitting of the occasion.

Toyol is also known as a hairy creature with white hair so some shredded coconut is perfect! As for eyes and teeth, we could add some white chocolate chips. They taste great too so why not?

3. Penanggal Cake Pops

The next dessert is an interesting one and takes a bit more effort than the others. The result will definitely be worth it though. The penanggal cake pops can be made with ball of chocolate cake coated with chocolate icing. That is not even the best part.

To mimic the bloody insides of a penanggal ghost, red jelly worms could be in the center of the cake. As for the hair, maybe some dragon’s beard candy or cotton candy? As long as it’s edible, it is still good.

4. Jin Toncet Meringue Cookies

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Now this treat is a cross between the devil and a genie. Either way, it’s a suitable Halloween treat and most importantly, it is very easy to make. Meringue just requires 5 ingredients and as for the colour, you can get creative with it!

We like green for extra spookiness. Also, that’s usually how we envision a jin toncet to be like. If you’re lazy, you could always just draw on the eyes with some edible markers. We certainly like doing this with children. Let them have fun with it.

5. Batu Nisan Kuih Bangkit

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What’s more Malaysian than kuih bangkit? And in order to make it creepy, you can shape the cookies into a batu nisan or also known as a headstone. This cookie definitely takes the cake for the creepiest Halloween dessert.

Though it might take a few trial and error to achieve the perfect shape, it will surely be a fun activity to do with your little ones. Not to mention, kuih bangkit is the easiest to make, requiring only five ingredients! This melt-in-your-mouth cookies will undoubtedly win the heart of anyone who eats it.

These are just some of the hypothetical Halloween treats that we managed to brainstorm. While it will take some effort, the most important thing is to always have fun with it. After all, that is what Halloween is all about.

Aisya Khairain

Aisyatul is an adventurous eater who eats pretty much anything and everything except for nasi lemak burger. With that said, she is a nasi lemak purist but feel free to change her mind. If she goes missing, she's probably hiding out in a mamak with a plate of maggi goreng and a glass of teh o ais. When she's not busy eating food, she writes about them.

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