12 Merdeka Food Promotions You Shouldnt Miss

Happiest sweet 60 to our dearest motherland, Malaysia! There are no words that could explain just how much we appreciate the hard work of our forefathers. We are forever indebted to the sacrifices and struggles they went through to grant us the freedom we experience today.

Therefore, it is on this day especially that we would like to wholeheartedly embrace our spirit of patriotism and nationalism as an upright citizen of Malaysia. Thankfully, it is not only us citizens celebrating… but it is also your favorite restaurants out there embracing it.

By any means, head down to celebrate Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa together through amazing food offer only on this Merdeka Day!


1. Famous Amos

Credit: malaysiafreebies.com

Bet you a cookie that while reading this, you can already smell the freshly baked cookies from the oven. The buttery smell of cookies made with care and only premium ingredients is what makes them the perfect treat. Get ready cookiezens because you can get your favorite 200g and 300g cookies for 31% off until the 31st August. Crunch… it’s love at first bite.


2. Italiannies

Your meal just got a lot better because Italiannies is treating you for a Merdeka special. Order a Chef’s Selected main course, and you’ll receive either a warm soup or delicious pannacotta and a refreshing drink! Simply top up RM 6 for a 3-course meal. Moreover, you can also get a fluffy Sugee cake at only RM 9.90. All this especially for you on the 31st of August until the 3rd of September.


3. La Juiceria

Credit: harga.runtuh.com

What’s better than one? It’s two! This time around, La Juiceria is doubling the happiness through a 1 for 1 offer of their nasi lemak wrap, cold-pressed juice, and premium smoothies. All you need to do is purchase them on the same receipt, and you’re applicable already. Merdeka should not stop you from eating healthy lifestyle and for a little more cardio, do run because the wrap is only limited to 100 wraps at each cafe.


4. J.CO Donuts

Donut you know just how much I love donuts? And iced chocolate. Well, we’re kind of sure that J.CO knows that! In that case, they are offering not just one, but three yummy promotions. For the first 100 customers of the Merdeka day, you are entitled to half a dozen of glassy or any uno-sized beverage for only RM 6. However, if you’re on the 101 queue, you can still buy it form only RM 12. We can already guess where your first stop of the day is at.


5. Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake

Credit: Facebook.com/uncletetsumalaysia/

Uncle Tetsu sells one of a kind cheesecake – delicate and rich, creamy and smooth, and every bite melts in your mouth. They do not need any introduction because the sold-out sign speaks louder than any words. Likewise, their sweet potato flavor is a perfect dessert to warm this heart of ours on Independence Day. Exclusively until the 1st of September, you can enjoy 20% off on this fluffy purple goodness!

6. The Chicken Rice Shop

Is your birthday similar to our Independence Day on the 31st of August? Cause if it is, it’s your lucky day! The Chicken Rice Shop is offering a 31% off your total bill. However, fret not if it is not because you can still enjoy one free regular Penang Rojak with any purchase of value meal set.


7. Teh Tarik Place

Credit: everydayonsales.com

A true Malaysian born in this land will no doubt be Teh Tarik raised. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and supper – Teh Tarik is the ultimate drink. This season, Teh Tarik Place wants you to enjoy the drink all you want for RM0.05 only with a minimum spent of RM5. Jom lah, let a nation pulled together, gather in unity with Teh Tarik only on the 31st of August.


8. Wondermama Restaurant & Café

In conjunction with Merdeka Day, Wondermama Restaurant will be rewarding you something refreshing, vibrant and sweet. It’s none other than our very own “Ais Kepal.” You don’t have to travel to Ipoh to reminisce your childhood food and what makes it better? It’s free for the first 60 dine-in customers on that day. Let your friends know and schedule a trip there for a hearty breakfast.


9. The Manhattan Fish Market

Credit: malaysiafreebies.com

Ahoy mate! We are pleased to announce you that you can taste the flavors of unity on board. As a culturally diverse nation, we stand strong together united as one. Thus, you are entitled to fish for a 1 for 1 offer from our special and a la carte menu. Just show your Malaysian Identity Card and enjoy another plate for.. FREE on the 29th to the 30th of August! It is so sedap laaaa, bestnya!


10. Krispy Kreme

Calling all Krispy Kreme fans out there to share the happiness as Malaysia turns 60 this year. Therefore, with the purchase of any dozen, you can get 6 original glazed donuts for only RM 0.60 each. You can get the best out of all flavors there and don’t worry about the calories because the hole in the donut is 100% fat-free. Hurry up because people out there are raving about balanced eating which is a donut in each hand.


11. Secret Recipe

Credit: malaysiafreebies.com

Can’t decide whether you want a slice of cake of a whole cake? We know how difficult it is to choose but worry no more! Secret Recipe is offering you RM 6 for a slice of cake or RM 60 for a whole square cake. You can get the privilege to do so only from 12.00 pm to 5.00 pm on the 31st of August! Hurry because promotion is valid only while stock last and they run out fast!


12. Vivo Pizza

Say cheese! With the secret recipe and traditional method of baking in our kitchen, they have mastered the art of baked Italian dishes. Order their baked meatball spaghetti or baked fish pasta, and you can purchase your second baked dish for only RM 6. Indeed, an exceptional cheesy vivolicious experience you will never get from anywhere else.



End this year’s historic 60th Merdeka with a bang on your buck on these great deals! If you’re short on time to grab these special offers by the 31st August, don’t fret, as there are also ones that is extended till 3rd September. Now, go grab your friends and family and have a great time together with great food on great prices!

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