7 Surprising Malaysian Ingredients on Amazon

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Just because you’re out of town does not mean that food from your home country has to be out of sight. The accessibility of Malaysian ingredients through e-commerce websites has allowed us to enjoy food from any corners of the world especially with Amazon.

Even though it seems as if the food items sold are very western-centric, worry not as there is also an abundance of Malaysian ingredients to cure your homesickness. It’s a bit of surprise to discover that these ingredients are available online. All you have to do is look around. Here’s a well-researched list to save you all the trouble.


1. Belacan

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Belacan or fermented dried shrimp paste is a staple in Malaysian cooking. It can be found typically in a form of a block and a little goes a long way. Nothing like a little bit of strong, pungent aroma such as belacan to give you a little taste of Malaysia. Otherwise, what would your sambal be without some belacan in the mix?

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2. Gula Melaka

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If you’ve ever been stationed overseas then you’ll know how disappointing it is to switch gula Melaka with brown sugar. Just imagine, the bubbly and cheerful gula Melaka for the boring brown sugar? I would’ve been disappointed too. Well, fret no more. You can buy gula Melaka online now. Your Malaysian desserts will never have to settle for less anymore. They deserve better and so do you. It’s time to stock up.  

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3. Dried Shrimps

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Dried shrimps and belacan are different though they are a part of the same life cycle. They both have different purposes in your Malaysian cooking. It does not hurt to have both in your pantry though. This is another essential that you will never regret buying. Use it in nasi goreng, mi goreng, anything at all. They make a great flavor bomb. 

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4. Essential Fresh Herbs 

Who says only dried herbs are available online? You can also get fresh herbs now. With that said, you’ll never have to substitute omit ‘this’ or skip ‘that’ because you can always have the real thing. The best part is, you can buy all the essential herbs in set instead  of buying them separately. The internet is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. You’re welcome.

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5. Daun Pandan (Screwpine leaves)

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Pandan extract? Throw it away. Or maybe not. You might still need it for rainy days or whatever. It doesn’t matter because we found you a better option. Fresh daun pandan for all things necessary– desserts, nasi lemak, rendang? The world is now your oyster. If there is any such things as the school of Malaysian kitchen, you have now graduated.

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6. Dried Chilies

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Before you can make sambal, you would first need chilli blend which is made from dried chilies. Hence, this Malaysian ingredient is a must-have in your pantry. It also lasts for a very long time. Just boil your dried chilies until they’re soft and blend away! You’ll have chili blend also known as pre-sambal. What kind of Malaysian household would your house be without sambal right?

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7. Asam Jawa (Tamarind)

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Another surprising Malaysian ingredients is asam jawa or tamarind. Even though usually asam keping is used, asam jawa is also a perfect component in many Malaysian dishes. This ingredient is what makes our dishes an all-rounder because it balances out the flavor. We have spicy and sweet so we need a tab bit of sourness. All you have to do is soak your asam jawa in water and add the water in your cooking. It’s very crucial for authentic Malaysian dishes!

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Let’s Get Cooking!

Now that your Malaysian kitchen pantry is complete, I believe it is time to show off to your cooking to your neighbors and friends with the secret ingredients from home. Except that you didn’t even have to fly home for these ingredients. It’s easier to explore the Amazon now that the map is provided to you.

Happy cooking!

Aisya Khairain

Aisyatul is an adventurous eater who eats pretty much anything and everything except for nasi lemak burger. With that said, she is a nasi lemak purist but feel free to change her mind. If she goes missing, she's probably hiding out in a mamak with a plate of maggi goreng and a glass of teh o ais. When she's not busy eating food, she writes about them.

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