How to Make Mee Siam Singapore to Die For

Credit: Efi Jasmi

“Mum’s regular dish for guests who drop in for tea, usually served with a side of Singapore’s famous triangular currypuffs.”

~  A Day at Mummy’s Table: Recipes and Reminiscences

Now, mee hoon is not only for tea-time. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or even dinner! The best thing about this mee hoon* is not about the flavours but the generous amount of shrimp put inside it. Easy to prepare and quick to make, the perfect modern Malaysian meal to keep up with the fast-paced life we are living today. Not a big fan of seafood? A vegetarian? Customize the recipe according what suits your taste**.

Let’s get cooking!



  • Sliced onions
  • Dried chillies
  • Tauchoo
  • Garlic
  • Sugar
  • Prawns


  1. Boil 2 coconuts and extract rich milk.
  2. Boil this until you get the oil/“tahi minyak”.
  3. Fry the above ingredients until fragrant.
  4. Then divide into portions for frying ingredients (tauhoo, koochai, prawns)
  5. Add meehoon.
  6. For the gravy-use remainder/same ingredients but add sugar.

*To be served with boiled eggs, koochai
**for vegetarian option, omit prawns




Salwah Abdul Shukor

Salwah was raised with love, good food and lively conversations at her Mother's Table in a Malay-Indonesian-Eurasian-Portugese household constantly hosting guests eager to sample her mother's cooking and her grandmother's recipes. Before she started legal practice, her food adventure was a cake delivery start-up with a good friend which survived with only 2 product lines, moist chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake and a core value that the business must be a Butter-Only zone. She remains an avid baker and tries her best to continue her mother's table legacy.  She believes Malaysians are blessed with the best palate and her passion for good food is infectious, often inspiring everyone at Butterkicap to try as many food experiences as possible.

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