15 Rasam Recipes To Boost Your Immunity

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Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and not in a good way. Most countries are on lockdown or at best, under a restrictive movement order (RMO) as a means to curb this deadly virus. For now, the best thing we can all do is try to distance ourselves from the possibility of infection and boost our immunity. One way is to look into traditional healthy recipes, including Rasam, a popular dish said to boost immunity.

Keep Your Body Healthy

In this time of fear and panic, the only way you can keep the virus away, per say, is by making yourself stronger. Sustaining yourself with nutritious superfoods that can reinforced your immunity system.

Since Covid-19 has become a global concern, there have been many recipes promoted to help you keep healthy. Anything containing turmeric, for example, has been especially popular. It’s a superfood ingredient that we recommend you look into for sure. But here, we want to share with you a perfect dish that has all the health benefits that you require. It’s called Rasam and it’s tasty.

Rasam Properties

Rasam is a simple hot soup, usually made using tamarind extract and spices like turmeric, black pepper and cumin. This unassuming simple broth may not look much like anything too exciting but in fact, is infused with rich nutrients that your body needs.

So, now, we come to the question of how Rasam can be good for you. The spice infused in the tamarind broth, besides being rich in health benefits, is also capable of keeping your body heated and warm at all times.

There are many different Rasam recipes out there, but I have 15 of the best that you can try out and experiment with during this MCO period.

Tomato Rasam

Credit: Honest Cooking

In many Malaysian Indian families, tomato rasam is one of the most popular type of rasam enjoyed. The tanginess and sweetness of the tomatoes in this recipe helps to reduce the spiciness, thus making it a delightful and refreshing soup.

My favourite version of the recipe must be from a website called Indian Healthy Recipes. It’s not one of the simplest but nothing beats a bowl of their tomato Rasam especially when ailed with indigestion.

Pineapple Rasam

Credit: subbucooks.com

Pineapple Rasam is quite a rare variety to find outside of home recipes. Perhaps this is due to the tangy sweetness of the pineapple sometimes being a bit too much for many people.

However, it’s about getting the right balance. I find the pineapple Rasam recipe shared by a blog, subbucooks.com, has the best balance between the sweetness of the pineapple, the tanginess of the tamarind extract and the heat of the spices.

Pepper Cumin Rasam

Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Of all the Rasam recipes, this is the most popular variation. The simplest of all Rasam variations, Pepper Cumin Rasam requires very little ingredients.

The best recipe, that I can say come closest to the Pepper Cumin Rasam that I am used to eating while growing up, is the recipe shared on Archana’s Kitchen, a personal blog that shares traditional South Indian recipes that you may have never heard of before in your whole life. Do check it out!

Tamarind Rasam

Credit: hungryforever.com

Tamarind Rasam is a staple in every Malaysian Indian childhood memory. It has featured in every up and every down in our lives. The best comparison I can make is how many in the west see chicken soup as a symbol of comfort and home. That is exactly how most Indians and Malaysians identify with Rasam.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to take the first spoonful of this very underrated soup. How every spoonful consumed feels like warmth spreading all over.. Mmm.. you feel indescribable. After relentless searching, I finally found a tamarind recipe by hungryforever.com that can help you experience Rasam I grew up with every rainy day, in the safety and love of my childhood home.

Garlic Rasam

Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Feeling a little gassy? Uncomfortable? Have stomach issues? Drink some Garlic Rasam. We all know the power of garlic to rid your body of trapped gas. Make it the main ingredient in a concoction of spices and you will have your very own elixir of youth.

Archana’s Kitchen has shared a simple garlic rasam recipe, so fool-proof that even a first-timer will get it right!

Lemon Coriander Rasam

Credit: subbucooks.com

Honestly, I have never tried this variation of rasam before but when I came across it, I just knew that it had to be on the list. Why, you ask? Because of the simple fact anything that has been added with lemon, will taste good. This may be an unpopular opinion but it’s up to you to decide.

So, how can you help me by doing that? Simple! Try out this recipe and let me know.

Pepper Rasam

Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Want to make rasam but out of cumin? Don’t feel disheartened! What I love about rasam is, as long as you have the core spices in it, you can experiment with the rest. Check out this Pepper Rasam recipe! A twist that works.

The best Pepper Rasam recipe is definitely the one by Archana’s Kitchen. The way the recipe highlights the pepper by using other spices without being overpowering is just delicious!

Paneer Rasam

Credit: Great Secret of Life

There are two opinions when it comes to this particular variation of Rasam. The first opinion is that it is weird to add paneer in Rasam. The second is that this is simply genius. Personally, I am with the first camp but I feel free to try and persuade me otherwise.

Anyhow, don’t let my personal preference keep you from trying out this recipe. You love it or you don’t. Check out The Great Secret of Life’s paneer rasam recipe and you decide.

Apple Rasam

Credit: Popcorn Hut

One of the most unique variations of Rasam is the Apple Rasam. Apples, in Eastern culture, have always been seen as a dessert ingredient rather than a savoury one. However, adding apples into Rasam is just brilliant!

The sweetness of the apples reduces the intensity of the spices, making the rasam a delightful appetizer. Popcorn Hut’s apple rasam recipe will make you be a die-hard apple rasam fan after just one try!

Ginger Rasam

Credit: hungryforever.com

Ginger Rasam is best enjoyed on rainy days. Since ginger is known for its ‘heat’ properties, Ginger Rasam has always been made as a cure for colds, coughs and even fevers.

The Ginger Rasam recipe shared by the blog, hungryforever.com is the simplest recipe you can find while giving you the ginger-y goodness that you expected.

Beetroot Rasam

Credit: hungryforever.com

Beetroot Rasam is one of the more modern twists given to this evergreen home dish. Besides, giving the Rasam its signature bright red colour, beetroot is packed with essential nutrients, as well as a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Moreover, beetroots are associated with numerous health benefits, including improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increased exercise performance.

Who knew that with the right adjustments, this simple broth could be infused with more body nourishing nutrients. To make Beetroot Rasam, follow the recipe by hungryforever.com.

Orange Rasam

Kredit: archana’s kichen

Are you ready for Orange Rasam? The taste of Orange Rasam is quite similar to the pineapple version but slightly more refreshing with a slight bitter aftertaste. The Orange Rasam is perfect when you are down with a cold.

Now, to find the best Orange Rasam recipe is quite tricky since not many care for the bitter aftertaste. However, you are in luck! Archana’s Kitchen’s version of this recipe manages to reduce the bitter orange aftertaste without compromising its overall flavour.

Plum Rasam

Credit: The Hindu

Have more Plums than you know what to do with? Solve your plum storing issues by making this delicious Plum Rasam. Tart, sweet and spicy, if you ever need a palate cleanser, this delightful Rasam is perfect for it.

There are not many plum recipes available online but one of the most highly recommended is the one shared in the Hindu.

Egg Rasam

Credit: You Too Can Cook

Need a simple meal rich in protein? Make some Egg Rasam. The egg consistency is similar to a poached egg, but the flavour is just something else! The hot, spicy broth is infused into the egg as it cooks in the soup.

Egg Rasam is perfect eaten together with hot white rice and some mango or lime pickle on the side. Simply delicious. For a traditional homemade Egg Rasam recipe, try the recipe shared by the blog, You Too Can Cook.

Crab Rasam

Credit: allrecipeshub.com

Crab Rasam is a delicacy on its own. The rich seafood flavour from the crab, infused together with the fragrant spices makes it a soup that will satisfy your hunger. Best of all, it doesn’t require much work and time in order to enjoy this delicious soup.

The recipe shared in allrecipeshub is worth trying!

Mint (Pudina) Rasam

Credit: Nithya’s Kitchen

Finally, the mint or Pudina Rasam. It is fresh and different. The whole concept behind the creation of Pudina Rasam is very fascinating. You would think that the cooling mint and the heaty spices would cancel each other out but with the right recipe, you’ll get Pudina Rasam that is cooling on the tongue, but heats you up from the inside.

Nithya’s Kitchen, a blog that shares authentic and unique Indian dishes shares one Pudina Rasam recipe that will give you the experience that one supposed to have when tasting this variation of Rasam.

The Best Immunity Booster

Whether you choose to drink it, slurp it or even eat it with rice, Rasam has all the nutritional benefits that your body needs. In this time of strife, it doesn’t hurt to have a pot of Rasam simmering away on your kitchen stove, ready to be eaten anytime you feel a little under the weather or sick. After all, prevention is better than cure.

One thing to keep in mind though. This dish heats up your body so if you’re prone to being hot bodied anyways, consume in moderation.

If you have other variations of Rasam that you love making at home, feel free to share with us via our Instagram and Facebook profiles. Let your voice be heard and we will reply in kind. Stay safe, be healthy!

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