Journey through Great UK Food at Mercato

When going on a shopping spree, what do you usually look for?

The answer is just three words; Quality, Affordability and Variety.

It’s a nightmare to live in the city, especially if you’re a cheapskate. Why? With the ever-increasing food prices and expensive lifestyle, your salary will never be enough to pay your expenses, your social outings AND your meals. Don’t fret, though! There is a way you can save without compromising your food comfort level.


Great Value and Top Notch Quality at Mercato


The most common misconception that Malaysians have is that eating healthy is expensive. Actually, it doesn’t!

This misconception is borne out of the difference in prices as well as product variety in different supermarkets and grocery stores.

Another reason that makes buying groceries such a headache is because we associate quality with price. That is why we are always buying RM 15 soy sauce instead of a RM 4 bottle when in fact, both has almost the same exact quality!

Don’t sigh and resign to a life of wastage and mediocrity because now you are able to get quality and branded products at an affordable price. Where? Mercato, of course!


The Very Best of UK in Mercato

GCH Retail Malaysia launched The GREAT UK Food Journey 2018 with the British High Commissioner Her Excellency Vicki Treadell in attendance at Mercato’s latest outlet in Pavillion Kl last April 3rd.

According to Ms. Alice Lau, the Upscale Business Director of GCH, “The GREAT UK Food Journey is a month-long effort to elevate UK food products and brands for Malaysians to experience the UK’s unique food culture through this month-long, once in a lifetime experience.”

In other words, this campaign opens up great opportunities to explore the intercultural exchange between two nations while showcasing variety of UK brands and products that GCH Malaysia-operated outlets has to offer to the Malaysian market.


Brands to Look Out For in Mercato

During the span of this campaign, over 100 new UK products will be featured and sold in all GCH grocery outlets such as Mercato, Jason Food Hall and Cold Storage nationwide.

Among the brands that you should look out for are The King’s Deli, Pipers Crisps Co., Fox’s Whole Earth, Abelour, Beefeatr as well as famous tea brands such as Ahmed Tea, Twinnings and Harry Bromptons.

What’s more, there will be two or three items that will be highlighted and definitely be on sale every week in the month of April. So, plan your weekly trips to the grocery store and try these featured products!



Let’s Go Shopping


If you are an Anglophile and love everything British, do not forget to visit either Mercato,  Jasons Food Hall and Cold Storage until April 30th to grab your favourite UK products and brands at a very affordable price.

If you want to make your shopping efficient and wallet-friendly, check out our grocery budget shopping tips and grocery buying hacks. Shopping will become easier and a fun experience after this.

Any queries or information that you would like to know more about this campaign, you can log on to your respective grocery shopping website (Mercato, Cold Storage or  Jason’s Food Hall) or just drop them  a call!

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