12 Most Creative Custom Bakers in Klang Valley Revealed!

Malaysians love to celebrate anything and everything. From big festivals like Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Chinese New Year to small, intimate celebrations like a job promotion or birthdays.

For all of these joyous occasions, we know that a cake is a must but not just any cake, though. We want a specially made custom-cake that makes our celebration unique and different.

Now, the question you might be wondering is,

 Who can make a custom-made special cake for us? 

Your search is over! After hours and weeks of research, we have narrowed down a list of 12 fantastic, talented bakers who specialise in custom-made cakes in the Klang Valley. Let’s find out who they are, shall we?

1. Kek and Co.

The trend for cakes now is the drippy, glazed cakes that remind you of better days under the sunshine, daisies and colourful marbles. With Kek and Co., you can now know how sunshine, daisies and unicorns would taste like.

When two-competitors-turned-partners, Satira Diana and Farah Melissa got together and created Kek and Co. and proceeded to become one of the most sought after custom bakers in town, you know magic is cooking in the oven!

One of their current best-selling cakes is the trending unicorn cake. Is your little princess daughter’s birthday coming soon? This might just be the perfect cake for her!

M: +603-7731 1735
E: kekandco@gmail.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kekandco/
W: www.kekandco.com


2. Baked in Chelsea

Who doesn’t love chocolate overload? At Baked in Chelsea aka BIC, you will get exactly that! If you are a fan of chocolate, do not miss out trying BIC’s glorious, moist chocolate sponge layers topped with light, fluffy dark chocolate ganache frosting.  No mouthful of chocolate will leave you as satisfied as BIC’s cakes would.

M: +6012-907 0050
E: marinamalek@bakedinchelsea.com
FB : www.facebook.com/bakedinchelsea
IG – www.instagram.com/bakedinchelsea
W – www.bakedinchelsea.com


3. Gateuxlicious

Weddings are not only remembered for the beautiful bride, or the flashy decorations or even the location of the wedding reception. What people remember the most is the food and of course, the beautiful cake carefully crafted for the event. It is okay to have a lumpy looking chocolate cake for your Friday night “Netflix and Chill” but it is NEVER fine to have that on your wedding day! (Girls, you know what I’m saying).

With Gateuxlicious, nothing can go wrong! These custom bakers dubbed “the cake specialists” are a mother-daughter duo who are best known for their classic chic and elegant tiered wedding cakes and will make sure your cake for your special day is EXACTLY the way you want it to be; impressive and beautiful.

M: +6019-266 6814
E: info@gateauxlicious.com
W:  www.gateauxlicious.com


4. Elevete Patisserie

By its name, you know the cakes here are gonna be as high (as in height) and big as they come. Home-baker, Edwin Chan, does not only supply cakes and pastries to cafes in Klang Valley but also takes special orders too. Whatever sweet fix you need, Elevate Patisserie will never let you down (pun intended).

M:  +6018-370 3770
E : edwin@elevete.com.my
FB: www.facebook.com/Elevete
IG:  www.instagram.com/elevete


5. Frost & Flourish

If you love your Malaysian flavours, Frost and Flourish is your baker. From ‘Milo Dinosaur’ to a ‘Durian Snow’ option, their sweet treats are to die for. Despite their no-nonsense presentation (they don’t do fondant), the buttercream and ganache decorations are more than enough to leave you wanting more.

M: +6019-367 8750
E: sophia@frostandflourish.com
FB: www.facebook.com/FrostandFlourish/
IG : www.instagram.com/frostandflourish


6. Mad About Cake

Just as the name suggests, all the cakes created by Mad About Cake or MAC will make you go on a cake mania for days. True to their vision of ensuring quality and taste, MAC puts love and care from the first stage of selecting ingredients up to the final stages of decorating the cakes. Once you go MAC, you will never go back!

Contact MAC:

M: +603-78873150
E: madaboutcake.com.my
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Mad-About-Cakes-aka-MAC
IG : madaboutcake_official


7. Shaun Teo Creations

Who says you need to have professional training to make beautiful cakes? Shaun Teo, a self-taught custom baker, showcases his creativity and passion in his gorgeous, delectable cakes. If you are on a diet, do yourself a favour and DO NOT scroll through his Instagram feed because you will find yourself covered in pre-cake sweats. Where custom bakers are concerned, Shaun Teo’s work truly is top notch!

M: +016-718 8291
FB:  www.facebook.com/shaunteocreations
IG: www.instagram.com/shaunteocreations


8. Sugar and Cream Atelier

Your kid wants to have a birthday party and of course, there MUST be a cartoon cake for he/she to show off to her friends, right? Don’t panic, open your FB/IG and contact one of the best custom bakers around, Sugar and Cream Atelier right now. Masters of design and an expert of beautifully crafted cakes, Sugar and Cream Atelier will not fail you and your kid, trust me.

FB: www.facebook.com/sugarandcreamcakes
IG :  www.instagram.com/sugarandcreamcakes
E– sugarandcreamcakes@gmail.com


9. That Last Slice

The problem with cake is that last slice. That is why founder Aishah Nordin wanted to make sure your last slice of cake counts. With a background in graphic design and her love for pretty things and delicious desserts, she is on a cakey quest to “make this world a happy place, one cake at a time”.

FB: www.facebook.com/ThatLastSliceCakes/
IG: www.instagram.com/thelastslice
E:  thatlastslice@gmail.com


10. The Buttercake Factory

A cake is nothing without butter and here at the Buttercake Factory, that is exactly what you will get. However, if you want to place an order, make sure it is made a few weeks in advance and in bulk, if you will. We want everyone to have a slice of the delicious buttery homemade cakes that this baking extraordinaire will make for you!

M: +6016-461 5500
E: hello@buttercakefactory.com
FB: www.facebook.com/thebuttercakefactory
IG: www.instagram.com/buttercake_factory
W: www.buttercakefactory.com


11. The Ship Patisserie

Yes, I get it. You do not like cakes. That is why, the Ship Patisserie is here in my list! If you want delicate french macarons of unique flavours, the Ship is the baker for you. Macarons are suitable for all occasions. With the Ship, there is no awkward glances or judgemental looks given when you come picking up the treats in your PJs just because you just feel like pigging out.

M: +6012 777 0855
FB – www.facebook.com/pages/The-ship-patisserie/815584418485821?fref=ts
IG – www.instagram.com/theshippatisserie
E – theshippatisserie@hotmail.com


12. The Kitchen Guardian (a.k.a Hyacinth Cafe)

By day, she is a lawyer, and by night (or after attending court) she is…. the Kitchen Guardian. Yani Othman’s passions for baking and beauty are translated through the beautiful custom-made cakes and other desserts like her to-die-for brownies and delicate macarons. If you want to know how Yani creates and decorates her sweet treats, you can even join her baking workshop!

M: +60193945608
IG: https://www.instagram.com/thekitchenguardian/


As an added bonus to this list, Butterkicap would like to make two special mentions here to custom bakers, Sugarlou and Sucree by Preeta, who we have previously featured. Both Sugarlou and Sucree by Preeta cater to those who wish to try creative and eccentric flavours that you CANNOT get elsewhere.


Man, writing about all these fantastic custom bakers sure is making me itchy to call them up. To quote Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake!” and I sure will.


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