5 Reasons Why Malaysians are the Ultimate Hantu-Busters

Hantu-busters are the ones we call when we need some help getting rid of unwanted ‘guests’ in our house. What if I tell you that you can actually be your own hantu-buster with just these 5 simple ingredients you can find in the kitchen?

When browsing through the list of upcoming movies for the weekend, you just cannot help but notice the many horror-centric English movies that are going to be screened here in Malaysia. It seems as if only the West are plagued by evil and malevolent spirits looking out to destroy human’s faith and peace of mind.

Meanwhile, here in Malaysia, we celebrate a month’s long festival honouring the dead a.k.a the Hungry Ghost Festival, without arming ourselves with anti-ghost repellent when going out at night.

Hantu-Busters Tool Kit 101

After endless research on how Malaysians are so relaxed and not at all bothered with hauntings, and scary dolls is simply because we eat a lot of spice. Yes, spice. All it takes to scare of a ghost is a bowl of hot curry and some sambal belacan. People in the West, take note!


1. Pepper

According to religious texts such as the Quran and hadiths, it is said that spirits and ghosts are weak to salty. spicy and sour food items. Therefore, having a bottle of ground, seeds and even black pepper sauce can come in handy if you happen to cross paths with a spirit that just want to ‘cari pasal’.

Pepper is said to have health benefits to humans that can be translated into its capabilities of warding off evil as it cleanses negative aura. So, if you happen to see any malevolent spirits (or even people) trying to harm you, aim your pepper in their eyes because you know that is where your pepper is going to do the most harm.


2. Garlic

Garlic has been known as the universal ingredient to ward off evil. People in the West credit it to its foul stench while we Asians credit it to its corrosive and eye-watering vapours. However, Westerners only use it to ward off vampires and nothing else.

While we in Asia use garlic to ward off not only vampires but also other evil spirits like the Hantu Raya, Bolong, Toyol, bad dates, annoying friends, to name a few. Why? Because Malaysians appreciate the value of RM 7.26 per kilo of garlic.


3. Chilli

As we mentioned earlier, ghosts are afraid of spicy food. Yeah, we know how funny it is to picture a huge, hideous monster screeching and running after being pelted with sambal belacan but, that is the real truth (though, it is still yet to be proved scientifically).

Just like pepper, chillies have the ability to cause indigestion to humans if eaten excessively. Similarly, the burn is said to disintegrate the spirits’ form and cause permanent damage. No wonder ghosts are afraid of chillies, it is acid to them!


4. Salt

Despite the existence of ghosts at sea, salt is also being said to be effective in exorcising ghosts and another item that all hantu-busters need to have in their bags. Salt has the effect of neutralising aura and weakens the effect of malevolent spirits from being deadly to harmless.

There is no scientific explanation to it but we kind of speculate the reason salt is so harmful towards spirits is because like an open wound, spirits are vengeful souls that roam about without the shell of their human form.

So, when salt is thrown to them, their painful reaction to it is how we feel pain when our wounds are exposed to it. It might be just a simple guess but kind of interesting to think so that way, right?


5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is associated with the element of fire and the sun. It is commonly used in incense as it smells really good and fills the room with a warm, comfy feeling. It is said to  be able to increase the spiritual “mood”.

That is why cinnamon is seen as the best ingredient to counter the evil and negative aura of spirits that may cause you to feel bleak, sad and depressed. Cinnamons are usually hung near the door or any entrance to avoid any uninvited guest to enter your home.



So, there you are, the five must-have ingredients that all hantu-busters need when warding off evil spirits and ghosts from coming near you. However, we are not sure a hundred percent if these ingredients are indeed fool-proof but instead of carrying all these items on you at all times, why not eat food containing these ingredients and just sweat it off so you can create a whole spice shield that will burn spirits, ghosts and even humans nose with the stench.

Azrene Jasmine

Azrene Jasmine is a Penangite with a stomach of gold. Though currently she is in a love/hate relationship with the weighing scale, Azrene truly believes that every woman should choose a hunk of juicy steak over a bowl of salad on the first date because steaks are awesome and what man can resist a woman with a healthy appetite?

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