Got a Question? Just Ask Aunty.

No question is too big. No problem is too small. No need to be alone, because you can always Ask Aunty and she’ll come to the rescue.


Want to impress your mother-in-law with an easy-to-make, fail-safe dinner plan that consists of classic Malaysian dishes that’s bound to make her smile?

Got a burning question on how to work that wok like a pro?

Can’t think of what to feed your visiting family of 50 people coming over to your home within 2 weeks time?

Want to learn the saucy secret to making meals that will keep your husband happy?

Can’t find the right table cloth to go with your party theme?


Ask away in the comment section of this page or drop us an email at Our Ask Aunty team is ready to serve. You will get your answers from:

1.  Aunty Atas
2. Aunty Relek

We don’t really know which one of the aunties will answer your question, so maybe you should brace yourself, because you might laugh… or cry with happiness.

Butterkicap Team

We're just a small group of friends who love food, culture and Malaysia. We saw the rise of mediocre food, deteriorating relationships and missed the good old days of Malaysia where food was good, homes were warmer and full of friends and family. So we rolled up our sleeves, and made Butterkicap with the hope that it will bring people and flavors home.

Love Malaysian food and culture? Find Malaysian recipes and stories on culture here in the Butterkicap community. Join us.

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