Following Malaysia’s Celebrity Chefs: Free Cooking Tutorials on Instagram

Follow Malaysia’s Celebrity Chefs for Free Cooking Tutorials on Instagram

  • What are Malaysia’s Celebrity Chefs cooking at home? We followed their Instagram channels to find these free cooking tutorials.
  • From Chef Adu Amran to Professor Chef Zam to Ili Sulaiman, here are their delicious Instagram channels.

Home cooking has never been so important.

We are living in an unprecedented time and the impact of the global pandemic is felt by all affected in a lockdown.

In these challenging times, Malaysia’s culinary elite shows us how home cooking can be a pleasure. What can you do with the ingredients in your fridge and what’s the secret to turning canned sardine and some pasta into a MasterChef approved dish?

We followed Malaysia’s Celebrity Chefs – those with humble hearts, some laden with accolades – for their easy to follow cooking tutorials. Just a side note though, you must be able to understand Bahasa Malaysia to follow some of these delicious video cooking tutorials.  Thankfully, there are some with English translations with the captions. Here are the best ones.

Chef Adu Amran

Chef Adu’s Free Cooking Tutorial
Chef Adu’s Free Cooking Tutorial

Chef Adu Amran is on Instagram with almost 39,500 followers. The warm, stylish, multi-talented and Chef from the MasterChef fame can be found under the handle @chefaduamran.

In the past few days, Chef Adu showed viewers on his IGTV, how to make a simple but marvelous sardine pasta, delectable vegan butter bean curry with chapatti, fresh tuna biryani, easy keto almond loaf French toast, an exciting Javanese pecel and meatballs ‘Cik Kiah’. This effusive Malaysian chef radiates joy and inspiration even for the most uninspired home cooks. Plus, he also owns a restaurant that’s currently delivering food all over Klang Valley. Head on over to Adu Sugar Restaurant’s Instagram to order his food. Click on the Instagram highlight to find his menu.

Professor Chef Zam

Make yourself a Chef Zam approved recipe
Make yourself a Professor Chef Zam approved recipe

Professor Chef Zam co-owns a cooking school called Silverspoon International College. Professor Chef Zam is also co-founder of the charity Food Aid Foundation, brand ambassador, tv chef, host and emcee at several events. If you are Malaysian and if you want to learn more about Professor Chef Zam and his cooking style, we’ve got you covered. You can check him out at @chef_zam on Instagram, where he shares his latest work and recipes from home.

“Apart from staring at the wall, what else would you do during this quarantine? Start cooking with what you have (at home)!” said Professor Chef Zam on his Instagram post. In his past few delectable posts, he showed us how to make a pizza with whatever that is in the fridge, bake an easy apple pie with dates, almond, and oats with puff pastry and whip up a Turkish poached egg with dill garlic yogurt and beurre noisette sauce. In addition to his cooking video posts, Professor Chef Zam is also happy to answer any queries about the recipe, method or ingredients.

Anis Nabilah

Make a quick cuppa Lemonade with Anis
Make a quick cuppa Lemonade with Anis

You should follow Anis Nabilah on Instagram. Besides posting tasty dishes on her social media, the celebrity chef also does some modeling in her spare time. Scrolling through her page, the fit chef has shared many snaps of herself modeling outfits and maintaining her fitness through aerial yoga.

In her Instagram stories, Anis shows us how to make Dalgona Coffee, Vegan KT Ladna, Spicy Strata, Vegan Fajitas, and Pumpkin Soup. There are also a handful of videos on her feed on making Lemonade and French Onion soup. Most of her recipe posts are in English and are free for all her followers.

Ili Sulaiman

One-pot cooking by Ili
One-pot cooking by Ili

Ili Sulaiman, who appeared on Asian food channel says her biggest cooking influence was from her family. The vivacious celebrity chef is also a tv host, food brand ambassador and the owner of Dish by Ili. You can follow her Instagram channel here.

“Stay home guys! Wash your food properly and eat healthy” Ili says in her post on how to make a healthy Sunday brunch salad. Be prepared to salivate as she takes you how to make a crispy noodle ala Cantonese style, simple sardine curry, nasi goreng semalam, gluten-free doughnuts, and her one-pot mushroom broccoli Aglio olio. Like Anis Nabillah, all her recipe posts are in English so that it’s easy for those of you abroad to follow.

Sherson Lian

Chef Sherson encourages you to cook with your family
Sherson encourages you to cook with your family

You may have seen him on Malaysia’s TV3 show “5 Rencah, 5 Rasa” hosting the show in fluent Bahasa Malaysia. Chef Sherson Lian is a celebrity chef, TV host and owner of the restaurant Makhan by Kitchen Mafia. By the way, his restaurant is also open for delivery orders, so just make an order at @makhanbykitchenmafia.

With over 50,900 fans on his Instagram channel @ShersonLian, it’s easy to see why he is so well-liked. Sherson makes cooking really simple and diffuses complex recipes and techniques with ease. He shares the snippets of his delectable episodes from 5 Rencah, 5 Rasa on his Instagram and teaches us how to make Beef Bulgogi and Korean Seafood Pancake.

A list of these episodes is also available on Sherson’s Youtube Channel.

Like what you see?

Like what you see? Now, stop heating up instant Maggi and get yourself to the kitchen to try out these celebrity chef-approved tutorials. For Malaysian recipes to make at home for family and friends, browse through our library of recipes for other delectable favorites.

Shiuh Wei


Shiuh Wei spent her childhood playing in an orchard and roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur in equal measure. She has an incurable wanderlust, a heartfelt passion for fresh produce, herbs and an enthusiasm for home-cooked food made with love. Being a vegetarian for almost two decades now, she enjoys an intimate connection with plants, vegetables and fruits, which keeps her inspired and nourished in her quest to get to learn from Malaysia's best cooks and find lost cultural practices.

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