Keto for Carb Addicts
Keto for Carb Addicts

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A workshop by Roslina Manaf on 03.11.18, 10.30am - 1.30pm at Damansara Heights, KL. Learn how to reverse obesity and diabetes without compromising on your favorite foods. Free bonus: Keto Starter Pack & Goodie Bag for participants.

What you will learn
What you will learn
What is Keto?

Learn the healthy path to ketosis, a metabolic state where your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy.

How to adapt keto to a Malaysian lifestyle and eating habits?

Discover Roslina's secrets to transforming your life with just a a few simple, but powerful strategies, along some incredibly delicious Malaysian recipes.

How to make a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet sustainable?

When you experience weight loss, better mental focus, decreased sugar cravings, increased good cholesterol, lower triglycerides and reduced inflammation, you'l love the way it feels long term.

What you will learn - 2
What you will learn
What is the wellness perspective behind the keto lifestyle (mind, body and spirit)?

Beyond just a diet fad, the keto lifestyle nourishes all aspect of life in ways that will surprise you.

What are the common misconceptions
about keto?

Watch as Roslina demystifies all misconceptions with global scientific research and real life case studies that occurred locally.

A technique to a more positive
body and spirit.

While the food you will learn to prepare is a good enough motivation, Roslina special method that helped her keep to a keto lifestyle.

What you will learn - 3
What you will learn
Ingredient Replacements

Roslina has prepared an easy starter kit that helps you make sense of an Asian Keto lifesttle

Malaysian Keto Recipes

Enjoy 3 of Roslina's favorite recipes and learn how to make them yourself: crispy beef murtabak, lontong & agar-agar lumut

Cooking Techniques

Roslina will show you in person, her tips and techniques for preparing her keto recipes.

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butterkicap x asianketo | keto for carb addicts workshop
Meet Your Teacher
Meet your Teacher
Roslina Manaf is passionate about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Diagnosed with breast cancer (her2 positive) in 2015, her journey to wellness, is anchored to a ketogenic lifestyle. Her approach is practical and collaborative, incorporating both conventional and alternatives protocols. She conducts cooking classes and shares keto inspired recipes that are easy and do not compromise on flavour. Something delicious and familiar to our palate and close to Malaysian’s hearts.
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Keto for Carb Addicts Testimonial
"What I have learned from you has been a great blessing. I am now in the Reverse Diabetes/Obesity Community. You know what? Your recipes helped them get good blood sugar reading and many of them lost so much weight!"
Muhaini Musa
Keto for Carb Addicts Testimonial - Ketoyana
"When I first started keto, I thought I will have to eat Western food for the rest of my life! But only after I came across her IG then I realized ya lah... I can still eat all type of Malay/Asian food with a slight tweaking in ingredient... I love food and the only reason I'm able to sustain this lifestyle is because I'm still able to enjoy delicious food despite being on keto! "
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Seating is limited,
only few tickets are left.
Tickets are available at RM300. Early registrants get a free goodie bag and a Keto Starter Kit. Registrations close on 2nd November 2018.