5 Must-Try Places to Eat Within 1-Hour Drive Away from KL

Are you tired of the daily traffic and staring at concrete walls of the ever so busy city of Kuala Lumpur? Planning to take a trip somewhere this coming long weekend of Merdeka and Hari Raya Haji?

Fret not dear readers, as we have listed here for you 5 great places to eat that are only within 1-hour drive away from the city center. Since this is going to be the last, longest weekend of 2017, why not take some time off for a little bit of jalan-jalan cari makan?


1. Aroma Ikan Bakar

Credit: anayrustalk.blogspot.sg

If you’re craving for some fresh seafood in a place with a view, Aroma Ikan Bakar in Kuala Selangor is the place to be. At about only an hours drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you can feast to your heart’s content amidst the beautiful and calming ambience of Kuala Selangor.

Another plus point of this place is that all the seafood served are from produce that are freshly caught from the nearby seas. A seafood lover will definitely appreciate this place.

A: Jalan Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor 45800, Malaysia
M: 017 316 3117
D: 1 hour drive


2. Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor

Credit: sukadukaceritaku.blogspot.sg

The next on our list is the Cendol Bakar. Since it’s also located in Kuala Selangor, you can kill two birds with one stone by stopping by this place while you’re on the way to Aroma Ikan bakar.

We must warned you though that cendol bakar here is always full and one must queue for at least half and hour to taste their creamy scrumptious hearty cendol. But if you’d prefer a quick stop, you can just order your cendol through it’s drive-thru!

If you’re wondering if they actually bakar their cendol, well, why don’t you take a drive there and find out for yourself! Apart from the rustic scenery at Kuala Selangor, Cendol Bakar will be a pretty good reason to drive there back again.

A: Lot 1195-1196, Batu 1, Kampung Assam Jawa, Jalan Bukit Rotan, 47000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
M: 014 731 1181
D: 54 minutes drive


3. Cowboy Place

Credit: alchemyrider.me

Staying true to its name, Cowboy Place is an epitome of a place that exudes an authentic American Southern atmosphere in its decor from the shirt and pants of the waiter and waitress to the largely grilled food menu.

Their famous dish is the nasi kukus ayam panggang that is guaranteed to leave you salivating for more. Apart from its Southern ambience, it also brings a bit of calmness as it is situated along the coast of Port Dickson.

A: Lot 1360 6 Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson 71000, Malaysia
M: 019 308 8302
D: 1 hour drive


4. Mastan Ghani Mee and Rojak

Credit: khirkhalid.com

This mamak joint which has been operating for more than 50 years with its original outlet situated at Jalan Selat. One of the most sought after dishes here is their mee rebus that comes with a thick and creamy sauce that’s both filling and full of flavour.

This quaint shop also sells a fantastic serveing of rojak pasembur that uses almost the same ingredient as the mee rebus but with a few add ons. Their sweet and savoury sauce is something that is rarely found in Klang Valley.

A: Lorong Intan 5, Teluk Intan 36000, Malaysia
M: 05 623 2295
D: 1 Hour Drive


5. Lemang To’Ki

Credit: anakcikgunawi.blogspot.sg

Lemang To’Ki’s is an open concept, non-air conditioned but breezy joint and the perfect environment to enjoy a good, steaming serving of lemang. Apart from their famous lemang, the grilled chicken, and chicken and beef rendang are also a must try.

This place is truly Instragram worthy, with its quaint decorations of antique and vintage items. It’s no surprise that many of its customers come from far flung places just to experience their food and to take photos of their beautifully designed place.

A: Jalan Tras, Bentong 28700, Malaysia
M: 09 922 1587
D: 1 hour drive



There you go readers, these are 7 of the best and most accessible places to eat that are under an hour drive away from the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur. You don’t even need to do it on an extended long weekend, because just a day trip would do just fine!

Do you have any other places which are an hour or less drive away? Do share it with us in the comment section below!

Y. Helmy

Yusof Helmy is a lover of all things rainbow; be it from rainbow cupcakes to rainbow bagels. He believes that in order to enjoy and love food, one must throw the weighting scale in the trash and eat those who say that you are on the fluffier side ( He practise cannibalism sometimes ). He is on the journey of finding his joie de vivre.

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