En-Thai-Rely Fusion Cuisines at Greyhound Cafe

Thinking about what to eat for lunch later on? Spice up your day with unique Thai Fusion Cuisine served at Greyhound Cafe!

Greyhound Cafe offers some of the most exclusive Thai offerings in Malaysia. From drinks to desserts, you’ll find all sorts of  exciting and rare combinations, because when Asian and Western cultures clash, extraordinary flavours are born.


Thai-licious just for you

You can have it hot or cold, basically you can have it all! In my opinion, the best three drinks are the Fresh Coconut Shake, Oriental Kiss and Yok Lor Granita. Sounds curious right? Try them yourself at Greyhound Cafe!

When it comes to mains, you might be expecting the usual Thai fare like the Pad Kra Pao, Tom Yum Goong. Be ready to be surprised because our top 3 favourites here will definitely pique your interest.


Spaghetti with Dried Salty Fish 

Spaghetti may sound boring but not at Greyhound Cafe. Here, it’s Spaghetti with a twist of Thai flavours! This Western-Thai styled pasta is stir-fried to perfection with Dried Salty Fish, holy basil leaves and chillies. 

Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream Sauce Sprinkled with Shrimp Roe

 If you’re not keen on eating the usual Seafood Pasta, say no more peeps! Cooked with abundance REAL juicy crab flesh paired with prawn cream sauce. One bite and you’ll be sent to crustacean-heaven. Yes, it is just that good.

Complicated Noodle

There is nothing more complicated or fun to eat than a Complicated Noodle.  It’s like a hands-on experiment you might try at school, but fun because it involves food! Here’s how you eat it; first, tear out a fresh lettuce leaf, carefully place the noodle sheet on the lettuce, add a bit of minced chicken sauce, add coriander, top with chilli sauce and wrap it. So good!


Desserts that will tickle your fancy!

If you can’t seem to get enough of coconut infused dishes, try the young coconut crepe cake.  This cake will leave you wanting more as the layers include fresh shredded young coconut and whipped cream.

Want something more refreshing? Then a serving of Sakoo Piek, or crunchy water chestnut and chewy coconut sago is the one for you. More traditional? Go for the mango sticky rice. Sweet, sour and creamy, this is the only pick-me-up that you need.


For more information, visit the official website here.

Sabrina Amran

Sabrina Amran, a precarious girl in her 20s who loves anything that screams ‘food!’ . She is convinced that food-romance is real and the only form of true love on planet earth. From day one, she knows she’ll find true love if she follows her passion, which is none other than eating! From Curry to Coffee to Cinnamon Rolls, she consumes almost everything edible but not everything la (obviously!). This is Sabrina, a girl in her 20s, she is most definitely ready to explore the world of cuisine and more with her audacity.

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