COCA Restaurant: Rebirth of a 60-Year-Old Restaurant Brand

Thai food fans in Malaysia, cry tears of joy. An old favourite in fine-dining recently launched in Bangsar Shopping Centre  will make your tastebud tingle with happiness.

COCA is a Thailand-based restaurant which is 60 years rich in tradition and culture specially created to elevate the hotpot dining experience. It is especially for those who seek something different. Not only is ambiance prioritised, but there is also a focus on healthy cuisine. For those who are clueless, COCA Restaurants are well known for their innovation of contemporary Thai dishes as well as hotpot (suki) concept.

Uniquely COCA

When you enter this restaurant, be prepare to be dazzled with how everything is designed right down to the detail they put into their food. You really can’t find fault even with 20/20 vision. Like other restaurants, COCA also has an a la carte menu.  

While their items mostly feature Thai flavours, they have taken into account Malaysian tastebuds. After all, a true eatery, always takes into account their customers. True to that COCA has specially crafted a new Southern Thai soup made exclusively for Malaysian diners.


Chef Pitaya’s Touch

During the launch, brand owner and celebrity Chef Pitaya Phanphensophon who is also the son of COCA founder was also present to entertain the guests by demonstrating how each dish is prepared.

The overall visual presentation heightened my senses, what with the aromatic Thai flavour wafting in the air commanding my full attention. I couldn’t shift my gaze away even if I wanted to. 

COCA’s Dedication in Every Dish

Some of the 5-course meals offered during the launch include:

  • Yum Quinoa with Prawn & Scallop
    One bite of freshness combined with earthy quinoa. COCA’s entree is a delight.

  • Deconstructed Australian Wagyu 180 days OX Tongue Wonton

First impression of this dish is that it reminds me of something familiar. It’s like grandma’s cooking, but a premium version. The soft tender Wagyu beef just melts in your mouth and the sauce complements every element.

  • Thai Herb Infused Organic Hill Station Chicken with Organic Black Jasmine Rice

Black Jasmine rice is aromatic and soothing. Not only that, it is beneficial for health. The Thai sauce included is hot and gives you a bit of zing, and goes surprisingly well with the tender chicken and its clear soup.

  • Signature COCA Tom Yum Hotpot with Signature Suki Sauce

This deliciousness in the pot with sliced wagyu beef is the highlight of it all, from vegetables to fishballs, to meat, you can’t get anything fresher than that.

  • COCA famous fresh patanko

You might just want to say that it looks like Cakoi but it’s actually more than that. Paired with condensed sweet milk, dip the golden crunchiness and you will be blown away.



Now that you have been given a sneak peek of the array of interesting, authentic Thai cuisine that COCA Restaurant offers, why not head over there and try it for yourself? 

Sabrina Amran

Sabrina Amran, a precarious girl in her 20s who loves anything that screams ‘food!’ . She is convinced that food-romance is real and the only form of true love on planet earth. From day one, she knows she’ll find true love if she follows her passion, which is none other than eating! From Curry to Coffee to Cinnamon Rolls, she consumes almost everything edible but not everything la (obviously!). This is Sabrina, a girl in her 20s, she is most definitely ready to explore the world of cuisine and more with her audacity.

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