Must-Try Signature Dishes at Chynna@Hilton KL

Who here does not love a good, hearty Chinese meal? If you are not one of the many who are currently raising their hands, we know not just one, not two but eleven great Chinese-style dishes that are sure to look (and taste) amazing. Here are some Chinese delicacies done in a fresh perspective.

So, where is “THE” place we are talking about?


Chinese Grandeur A Stone’s Throw Away

Malaysia is a truly blessed country. The people do not have to travel far just to sample a taste of authentic, ethnic food. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur itself, Chynna@Hilton Kuala Lumpur, with its Tang style grandeur, serves delicate and subtle, modern yet healthy Cantonese cuisine.

This July, Chynna’s very own Executive Chinese Chef, Chef Lam Hock Hin has created 11 decadent signature dishes which highlight the quality and refineness of traditional ingredients commonly used in Chinese dishes.


What’s Waiting For You

At Chynna, they put the utmost importance in making diners feel comfortable and at home. While sampling delicious authentic Shanghainese-Cantonese dishes, you will be served a specially brewed 8-Treasure Welcome Tea by their resident tea master. Fancy!

After you are impressed by the graceful, almost acrobat-like tea serving session, you are now ready to be wowed with the first of eleven dishes prepared with love by Chef Lam. You will know what we mean after seeing the plates of food set in front of you.

One of the most memorable dishes to us would be a very Malaysianized dish, consisting of shrimp, fresh milk, butter, curry leaf, bird’s eye chili with egg silk. Our verdict? It reminds us of the smooth milkiness of butter chicken yet with a tinge of spiciness that is not too overpowering. Simply lovely!

Other than that, the dessert made up of black sesame with peanut paste may look unappetising but the taste of the rich nutty flavour will leave you wanting more. We were definitely blown away by the simplicity of the ingredients used which produced a whole array of contrasting flavours that definitely delighted our palate.

Treat Yourself This July

Priced at RM338 per person, Chef Lam’s take on common beloved ingredients such as curry leaves, anchovies and X.O. sauce will make you view Chinese cuisine in a new and fresh light. Together with your family and friends, head over to Chynna@Hilton KL for a gastronomic journey to remember.

Come and experience a dining session like no other at Chynna@Hilton KL. Do call 03 2264 2264 or visit for more information.

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