Celebrating The Coming of New Year at Putrajaya Marriott

Credit: Putrajaya Marriott

Festivals in Malaysia is seen as a moment for families, near or far, to gather and meet. Boisterous laughter, sparkling merriment and nostalgic stories mean so much more when shared over a meal. Therefore, true to the Malaysian fashion of celebrating with food, Putrajaya Marriot Hotel embodies familial values and Eastern traditions in their buffet options and meal promotions.

Before even thinking about preparing to welcome the coming of the new lunar year this February, why not take your friends and family to an end of year celebration with Marriott’s Summer Palace Sau Gong Promotions.

Why Celebrate at Putrajaya Marriott?

Credit: Summer Palace, Putrajaya Marriott

Putrajaya Marriott brings a touch of familial unity, class and prosperity in its 9-course Sau Gong promotion available at Marriott’s very own Summer Palace, between 8 January til 2 March 2018.

Prepared by Marriott’s Chinese cuisine master, Chef Yip Boon Seng, there are three Sau Gong menus that you can choose from. Each menu is enough to feast a table of 10 persons and the price range is as below:

a) Sau Gong Auspicious Menu (RM 1, 388 nett per table)

b) Sau Gong Longevity Menu (RM 1, 788 nett per table)

c) Sau Gong Abundance Menu (RM 2, 288 nett per table)


Flavours In Abundance

In regards to taste and flavour, we can safely say that Chef Yip does not disappoint. We have the pleasure to sample the Sau Gong Auspicious Menu which is simply a delight. The main highlight of the set are the deep-fried golden pompano fish with Pattaya sauce, baked tiger prawns and Singaporean style stir-fried egg noodles with Squid.

Baked Tiger Prawns

Steamed Soya Chicken and Chicken Ham

Braised Dried Seafood with Garden Green

Based on the several dishes we have tried, Chef Yip will definitely give the same and more to do justice to the wonderful and delicious offerings in the other two menus.


Culture behind Sau Gong

Sau Gong or Sau Kong Chau is a must to celebrate a year of success and abundance just before Chinese New Year.

While the countdown to the coming Chinese New Year holidays has started with much anticipation, nothing shows your enthusiasm better than going for a delicious Sau Kong Chau feast. For some of us, Say Kong Chau has become almost a tradition or just simply an excuse to eat more food.

Like the saying goes;

Go out not with a fizzle but with a bang!


So book your table now to celebrate the ‘closing’ of the year of the Rooster with close family and friends only at Putrajaya Marriott.

How to get there?

A: Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, IOI Resort City, Sepang Utara, 62502 Malaysia
T: +60 3-8949 8888
W: http://www.marriott.com


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