Nik Michael Imran

Butterkicap Culinary Brand Director

Chef Nik is known for always managing to push the boundaries of fusion cuisine to bring vibrant and tantalising creations to the table. Perhaps this is in part due to a combination of his passion for Malaysian food and culture, his Australian-Malaysian heritage and the exposure he gained at age 9 picking up cooking skills from his father, an Australian trained chef. Chef Nik was first introduced to the spotlight in 2011, when he was one of 24 finalists drafted out of 500 contestants in the first season of Masterchef Malaysia. By 2012, Chef Nik embarked on a culinary journey with his father opening comfort food restaurant PickNIK in Kuala Lumpur. Fast forward to 2017, Chef Nik and a group of friends decided to work together to spread happiness, and create unity by using the power of Malaysian food. With their sleeves rolled up, they built Butterkicap, a new independent food platform dedicated to branding Malaysian food and culture. With his engaging personality paired with the passion for extreme sports and tech gaming, he always sparks conversations with a smile and some form of witty banter.