7 Effective Ways to Avoid Confusion When Choosing a Place for Lunch

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Here we go again. It’s that time of the day, and you’re pretty much know the drill already. Your stomach is screaming, demanding and desperately signalling your head that you are hungry and need to eat immediately. However, there’s a problem, you don’t know what to eat, let alone where to eat. Don’t worry; you are not alone. I can totally relate and so can probably other millions of people.

People might be wondering; how do you not know what you want to eat when your Instagram feeds are full of food bloggers. Like me, you probably have too much you want to eat making it hard to decide and the choices only makes things more complicated. In addition, you are already so hungry that you can’t think, plus the stress of the deadline is rushing you to choose.

It is, in fact, an exhausting and frustrating struggle to decide where to eat for lunch. Well, it turns out that it’s a pretty fundamental decision-making problem. It’s alright, you may not know what you should eat, but we can help. We believe you should never ever eat anything less than what you deserve, and that is the most fantastic food!


1. Break It Down

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Is this crazy to be doing some serious brainstorming about this topic? But then again, let’s be honest, food is a serious business in our lives. Thus, deciding where to eat should then naturally be taken seriously. It is only logical to narrow down this life-changing decision.

The first step is to determine what you don’t want because that may be easier for someone like you (and me). Your intuition will tell you what you don’t want, and you can save yourself a whole lot of time by eliminating what you’re not in the mood for.


2. Create a Food Chart

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When you can’t choose, let a food chart decide for you. Grab a piece of paper and list a number of restaurant options on each side, then let the tournament begin! Narrowing down the restaurants and food beforehand definitely helps.

The flowchart should be customised to your personal preferences and tastes so it will not disappoint. Make a simple yes or no lines, or a ladder that ultimately decide where to eat. Keep the paper for future references in times of need.


3. Be a Restaurant Detective

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While most people would avoid a social media stalker, it doesn’t apply when you’re a restaurant stalker on social media. In fact, being a restaurant detective is kind of fun and you’ll get to know and discover food places you’ve never thought of before.

You look for the best places to eat, their menu, distance, cost, and cuisine. Check out hashtags cafehopkl or eatkl and look for the most Instagram-worthy food photos and their locations. Off you go then!


4. The Great Compromise

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If you’re eating with more than one person, deciding where to eat will be double the trouble. Especially if they can’t make up their mind as well. I’m sure many of you have asked a friend where they want to eat since you yourself couldn’t decide and get back the answer, “Anything is fine. You decide.” Now you’re left with a struggle among a group of indecisive people on where to eat.

You might suggest mamak, but your company just had that last night. They recommend Japanese, but you were planning on having it with your family later on in the day. The pressure builds, and soon everyone will have to compromise to meet halfway. Whether it’s you or the other, one will have to make a great compromise.


5. Eat for the Occasion

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You don’t only dress for the occasion – you also eat for the occasion! Is it a birthday lunch? Or a business lunch? Perhaps a casual lunch with your date? Choosing a restaurant for the event is one of the more high-stake decisions you’ll ever have to make, especially when it comes to first dates and business lunches.

One right restaurant for lunch can lead you to another, or worst case scenario: the first and the last. Stay away from messy and difficult to eat food like corn-on-the-cob or tomato-based pasta for business lunch. Keep it simple and classy!


6. The Wheel of Fate

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If you are in despair, you can leave the decision to a coin toss or social media. After you narrow down your options to two choices, you can do one of two things. One, toss and let the coin decide. Or two, use Instagram’s polling feature. The feature is there, so might as well make the most out of it.

Although technically you’re still the one who tosses a coin and posts a question but still, let’s just say it’s not your decision. People love making decisions for others, and they will be more than happy to choose a place for you to eat. With a coin? Let fate decide.

7. When All Fails, Go To a Buffet

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There’s no such thing as you cannot have it all. At least when you are at a buffet. Here, you are exposed to every possibilityyou can ever think of, from appetiser to dessert. You can have every delicious dish from Malaysian to Japanese food. There’s nothing to contemplate anymore, nor spending the time deciding where and what to eat. You eat what you see. Fantasise all you like; you’ll have it in your mouth. In short, you can feast like a king for lunch. A feast every once in a blue moon wouldn’t hurt, would it?


Be United!

Well, I certainly hope you get the best out of your lunch. Lunch is the best part of the day, so make sure you get it right! Put that aside, are these effective enough for you? How do you manage to avoid confusion on choosing where to eat for lunch?

Share with us your secret because I am still having trouble now and then. Perhaps, you can share this post with your friends to read, and you can then avoid group confusion. Nothing beats knowing where what and when to eat!

Regina Wiriadinata

Hello there, pleasure to meat you.. oops, I mean meet. Hunger tends to get the best of me, which happens almost 24/7. You can probably find me at a gelateria, holding triple scoops of gelato in a cone. Please donut talk about my diet because I always end up with a slice of cake at the end of the day.

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